Preservation Week – April 26-May 2, 2020

This year’s Preservation Week is April 26 to May 2. The first national preservation survey, conducted in 2004 by Heritage Preservation, revealed that a large portion of the collections in American libraries, museums, and archives was in need of treatment to prevent and reverse deterioration. In 2010, the American Library Association, in partnership with the Library of Congress, Institute of Library and Museum Services, American Institute for Conservation, Society of American Archivists, and Heritage Preservation, sponsored the first annual Preservation Week to raise awareness of the need and promote preservation not just in institutional collections, but also in the collections of individuals, families, and communities. Institutions are encouraged to celebrate Preservation Week by doing at least one thing to raise awareness of the need for preservation, inspire action to preserve collections, call attention to the role of libraries, archives and museums in the preservation of our cultural heritage, and promote preservation resources.

The theme for the 10th annual Preservation Week is Preserving Oral History. It has a dual meaning, both the action of preserving recollections and experiences that would otherwise be lost, and the physical preservation of the media on which they are recorded. Free Preservation Week activities and events, including webinars, are available at the American Library Association’s Association for Library Collections and Technical Services’ website. Programs from previous years are also available at the site, as well as a variety of resources. One of these, Saving Your Stuff, is a comprehensive list for the general public of the care and handling of most media that could make up a personal, family, or community collection.


[Emily Epstein, Cataloging Librarian]


Passages – Sarah Van Beckum

Van Beckum flyer

The show ends on September 29, 2017. Join us in the Health Sciences Library Gallery as we display Sarah Van Beckum’s latest journey into abstracting nature’s forms.

The moods and whims of nature influence my work. Making art is a deeply engaging process. As an observer by type, my art can be quiet and contemplative or energetic and aggressive. Drawing from nature’s forms, ingrained from the countryside of my youth, painting is my search for meaning – Sarah Van Beckum

Upcoming Strauss-Wisneski Lectures

Two exciting Strauss-Wisneski Lectures are in the near future: take a look!  Or better yet, come and listen!

Integrative Healthcare in the United States: Past, Present, and Future
Strauss-Wisneski Indigenous and Integrative Medicine Collection Lecture

Dr. Wisneski is the Chair of the Board of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, which educates legislators and policy makers about integrative health care and promotes federal legislation and policies to realize a fully integrative health care system. He has published over 30 scientific articles and a textbook, “The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine”
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Time: 12 noon to 1pm
Location: CU Health Sciences Library
1st floor – Teaching Labs 1 and 2
Light refreshments will be served
Speaker: Leonard A. Wisneski, MD, FACP


Integrative Medicine at the University of Colorado: What the Health?
Speaker: Lisa Corbin
Date: Wednesday, May 13th
Location: CU Health Sciences Library, Teaching Labs 1 and 2, 1st Floor
Time: 12 noon to 1 pm
Light refreshments will be served
Strauss-Wisneski Lecture Series
Dr. Lisa Corbin, School of Medicine Associate Professor and Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Colorado Hospital