MacBook Pro arrives at the service desk for check out…

MacBook Pro at library

MacBook Pro for checkout at the service desk of the library

For the first few weeks of 2012 the new MacBook Pro at the library will circulate for 4 hours, allowing throngs of mac-happy singletons to give it a whirl and share nice. Further down the road, say voices from inside the many study rooms in the info commons, HSL plans to circulate it for a slightly longer period and experiment. Along with the Macbook, a couple of Apple i-pads make up the emerging inventory of cool and nifty devices students and campus users can try out. Two dell laptops may also exist; “it’s being looked into” library insiders report; and various regulars at the library whisper that the dells are slightly outdated. Students who tend to like the quiet of the second floor and its east windows only mutter that the Dell laptops are good enough for a couple of hours of quiet work in the library with a cup of coffee courtesy of the Wolfgang Puck coffee machine on the first floor.

For details, stop at the desk and ask us anytime about any of this.  And tell us what’s on your mind as a user of the library on the AMC.