Connect Your Laptop Workstations

Working on something big? The Health Sciences Library is thrilled to offer full-size screens, keyboards, and mice at our brand new “Connect Your Laptop Workstations.” Connect your laptop using the cables provided and you’ll have a full 27” monitor to display your work in parallel or as an extended screen. Plus, whether you’re working with a brand new laptop or an older model, the HSL has a wide variety of adapters for checkout at the service desk to connect you to the workstations.


Here’s how it works. The four Connect Your Laptop Workstations are located in the fourth pod of the north computer commons, next to the north printer station. Note the yellow placards on the table partitions. The four cables at the station are: USB3, connecting the keyboard and mouse to your laptop; VGA, connecting the monitor to an older laptop; HDMI, connecting high-definition video on newer laptops; and Mini Display Port, connecting video for a wide range of Apple products.


Working with a brand new laptop and only have USB-C connections? Just check out an OMARS multi-port adapter from the service desk! This will allow you to use HDMI video, USB for keyboard/mouse, and still leave ports open for charging and connecting other devices.


If you have any problems or need help getting started with a Connect Your Laptop Workstation, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at the service desk during public access hours. If you have suggestions for this space or ideas on what technologies would be useful to you, let us know with a Tell Us comment!

Janus supercomputer bootcamp: December 5th

The upcoming Janus supercomputer AMC boot camp is Friday, December 5th @ 10am at Ed2 South L-28-2305.  The Janus supercomputer is a shared resource available to UCD researchers and students at no cost.  The purpose of this boot camp is to bring more awareness to this shared resource, provide access, training and support information as well as gather feedback from current users. 

Contact Bob Schell, Director of Research and Shared Services, Office of Information Technology, for more information (


Janus Supercomputer at CU Boulder

Janus Supercomputer at CU Boulder