Study Zone Renovation 2017

Press page for news & updates about the exciting second-floor renovation project Health Sciences Library is conducting in 2017.

A new study area in the library is coming soon and opens later this year. With over 35,000 journal volumes safely moved to PASCAL storage, remodeling begins on second floor this summer. A new Study Zone moves from design planning to reality.

Construction starts June 1st and will last for about four months. The library is remodeling five thousand square feet of material stacks into to a vibrant and amenity-rich study area. Seating capacity in the area will increase by over a hundred. Twenty-four new study rooms, ten individual study pods, restaurant-style booths and a variety comfy soft seating will fill the area along with a kitchenette, window friendly soft-chair study spots, and an energy pod room for power naps. Dynamic colors, brilliant natural light, cool glass and wellness features inform the design of a space conducive to focused work and study. Success will have no limits in this new space. The library is naming the new space the Study Zone.

Access to the HSL Study Zone will be ID-badge controlled. The study area is geared towards the Anschutz student community and will be accessible to CU Anschutz users with proper student/staff/faculty campus badge–same badges providing you 24/7 access to HSL. More is better and the Study Zone will bring comfort, class and more rooms for an enhanced quiet study atmosphere on the north end of the library’s second floor.

The Study Zone anticipates opening sometime in October 2017, the same month of the library’s tenth anniversary on the Anschutz campus. There will be cake and a celebration event for sure as part of the grand opening and Health Sciences Library’s tenth anniversary.

Check this page for more information and updates as the renovation project proceeds. The library will periodically put out information displays in our lobby near the visible human sculpture to inform users; flyers and posters will be used in the library (and around campus?) as well as streaming content and news on HSL Facebook to promote the new space and its features. We will use campus email a bit to keep you informed, ask for comments, and invite you to events.

We look forward to eventually inviting the academic community into this eclectic area when it opens in October. One of our many hopes for this project is that the right-sized study rooms in the Zone will attract single and pairs of students so larger study rooms in the rest of the library can more effectively serve larger groups. We have taken in much feedback from the student community indicating wishes that the Study Zone will be a quiet area. There are many hopes and other strategic aims at play in this energetic experiment in library as place and Health Sciences Library as a rejuvenating and colorful spot to work, study in style, and succeed.

We hope this new area design is a fabulous prelude of options to come. A time of new ideas, some experiment, and new amenities of user comfort to serve diverse space needs conducive to different types of work and study. Only through diversity will the future place and spaces of Health Sciences Library continue to best serve academic success.

We have many people and players, stakeholders, and partners to thank. Over the coming months this renovation blog will introduce and cite some of the many great people and minds that brought this little 5000 sf project of  ‘stacks to study’ into brilliant focus.

More is better when it comes to study, and more is on the way soon from inside the Study Zone at Health Sciences Library.


Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. Thanks and stay tuned.