10th Anniversary Lecture Series

Health Sciences Library

10th Anniversary Lecture Series

All lectures take place from 12:00-1:00pm in the Health Sciences Library Reading Room (3rd floor), and lunch will be provided.

Please register by clicking on the hyperlinks below

Friday, October 13: Dr. Tom Noel, “The Highest & Healthiest State”

Friday, October 20: Dr. Joe Gal, “Louis Pasteur, Artist”

In October, the Health Sciences Library will celebrate its 10th anniversary on the Anschutz Medical Campus. A variety of celebratory activities are planned throughout October, including a weekly lunchtime lecture series. All members of the campus community are invited to attend, and may register by clicking on one of the following links: Friday, October 13: Dr. Tom Noel, “The Highest & Healthiest State”; Friday, October 20: Dr. Joe Gal, “Louis Pasteur, Artist”. All lectures take place from 12:00-1:00pm in the Health Sciences Library Reading Room (3rd floor), and lunch will be provided.


–Kristen Desanto

Linda Susak – Landscape Painter

Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument 2017

October 2 – 31, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 4-6pm
There will be a drawing for a free painting and food and drinks at the opening reception! Come by and check out my latest paintings!

Health Sciences Library Gallery, 3rd floor
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

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Study Zone Perspectives. The Architect: Bennett Wagner Grody (BWG)

Architect designer perspective: the Study Zone at HSL

Health Sciences Library 2nd floor north, journal stacks to study area at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.


Before (May 2017)


After (June 2017) demolition and deconstruction to pave the way…


The original design of the Health Sciences Library included a traditional mix of open floor area dedicated to stacks, casual seating areas, and enclosed group study rooms.  Over time, two phenomena were observed by the library administrators.  They noticed students’ increasing preference to study alone versus in groups.  These students would routinely “camp out” alone in group study rooms, nobly absorbed in their studies.  The inefficient use of private study space became a growing concern to staff and students alike.  Another change since the library’s opening has been the impact of technology, namely electronic storage of information replacing the need for physical volumes.  This has reduced, but not eliminated, the amount of stacks required in this area of the library.  The primary goal of the project is to address current needs for study spaces as made possible by recapturing floor area no longer required by the stacks.

HSL Study Zone. Opens Oct 2017.

Concept & Organization:

The all glass entrance to the suite will be located adjacent to the elevator lobby on the north side.  The suite lobby will be open and inviting.  A wood ceiling grille is proposed to mark the entrance.  The second exit from this suite will be needed at the south side by the Kitchenette area.  This area has three (3) existing bay windows with full-height glass.  The proposed lay-out is to keep the area directly in front of the bay windows open for loose seating to allow natural light into the interior spaces. The new renovated area will provide up to an additional 112 seats for study. Considering each student has different preferences of how they like to study, several 2-person and individual enclosed study rooms plus different types of loose furniture and furniture type study pods are proposed.


We have evaluated student study preferences and the physical characteristics of the renovation area and propose the following features of the project:

  • Provide several enclosed individual and 2-person study rooms. These rooms will have power but no built-in technology such as a flat screen monitor or video conferencing.  Furnishings will be limited to a single large table and one or two chairs.  The 2-person study rooms will be enclosed by full height walls, accessed through a glass sliding door.  Individual study rooms will be enclosed by full height walls with a pivot glass door. The enclosed study rooms will be located away from the outside walls and constructed with clerestory glass on 2 sides to extend natural light to all rooms.
  • Provide furniture type study pods for individual and group use. Some of the furniture type study pods will have a full-height (70”) partition for privacy and some with a mid-height (54”) partition.
  • This new study suite is in a secured area accessed by card reader.
  • Lounge seating with high backs will be provided to offer more sense of privacy. All lounge seating will be accompanied with a side table.
  • The existing 4-person group room at the southwest corner of this suite will house 2 energy pod units. This location will allow this room to be able to control light and sound independently.  The existing full-height glass wall will remain with added privacy frosted film and a security monitoring system will be installed for the safety of the students.


This new study suite should set a standard for future renovations.  The material and colors need to be enticing, fun, and conducive for young generations.  While the goal is to set this area apart from the rest of the library, some reference or tie back into the existing space is incorporated.

Voraporn “Mai” Sundarapura
Matthew C. Bartels  AIA


New Books List

Book Stacks
Behave : the biology of humans at our best and worst
Gerontological nursing : competencies for care

Bartecchi Southeast Asia Conflict Medical Collection
The face of mercy : a photographic history of medicine at war
Huế 1968 : a turning point of the American war in Vietnam
Medics in action
Pandemics and peace : public health cooperation in zones of conflict
War and the soul : healing our nation’s veterans from post-traumatic stress disorder
War in the blood : sex, politics, and AIDS in Southeast Asia
Wizard 6 : a combat psychiatrist in Vietnam
Wounded : Vietnam to Iraq
Wounds of war : the psychological aftermath of combat in Vietnam

Medical Humanities
You don’t look like anyone I know : a true story of family, face blindness, and forgiveness

Strauss-Wisneski Indigenous and Integrative Medicine
The health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids : the current state of evidence and recommendations for research

Study Zone Almost Complete: Major Construction Over, Furniture Arrives

Study Zone Nears Completion — Opening Soon. Stay Tuned.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Oct 19 at 12 noon–there will be cupcakes!

The library’s second floor renovation project crossed another milestone with all major construction in the space completed last week.

This week beginning September 18, all furniture for the new area was successfully delivered and is being installed. Energy nap pods have been hooked up–students will be excited having asked for sleeping pods for years. Study Zone will offer two nap pods.


Energy Nap Pod


Fancy and more informal ‘duo-pods’ are setup and these pieces will dazzle users with their sleek look and comfort. Tables and chairs are moving into rooms, glass boards are being installed, and ten ‘hexpod’ study cubicles (room-like but no door) are being assembled and laid out on the floor outside some of the study rooms. Large lounge sofas for the bay windows are the last big pieces to be put together.

The project is in its last phase, and soon items like lights, HVAC and plumbing to the kitchen will be inspected and set.

Today on Sept. 20, the main entrance doors were installed and badge security turned on. The Study Zone will be accessible to Anschutz student/staff/faculty and others who have their Anschutz campus badge ID. The library hopes to open Study Zone in early October but no firm date is set yet. A party and ribbon cutting ceremony are being planned for October 19 to formally unveil the Study Zone but the space should be open earlier we hope.

The construction barrier will come down soon and eyes will be able to peak through some of the windows to see the brilliant new space which blends well with the overall existing library but offers an appealing and unique ambiance all to itself. The study area will offer twenty-four study rooms, a variety of restaurant-style booths, height-adjustable tables, comfy lounge furniture around the perimeter, some counter study areas with high and low chairs, and ten study cubicles to name some of the features. The area is about 5000 square feet and will offer seating for about 115 users.

Mark your calendars and plan on coming to the ribbon cutting event for the Study Zone:

  • When:  Thursday, Oct 19, Noon-1 pm
  • Where:  2nd floor of HSL just outside the Study Zone entrance, north end of building
  • All Anschutz folks are welcome, especially students. We will have cupcakes
  • There will be self-guided tours of space highlighting features of the space

Stayed tuned to the library’s website and the HSL Facebook page for ongoing photos and more information.




New Bartecchi Exhibit

Batecchi Display(4)

In the entryway to HSL, there is a new exhibit featuring the dust jackets from the Bartecchi Southeast Asia Conflict Medical Collection. Each volume in the collection has this bookplate:

Bartecchi Bookplate2

The dust jackets are collected from the volumes donated to HSL. Carl E. Bartecchi donated the volumes in the collection. The collection consists of books highlighting the experiences of doctors, nurses, and surgeons who worked during and around the Vietnam Conflict. The collection also includes a number of volumes analyzing the conflict and historical accounts.

Bartecchi Shelf(2)

The collection itself is located on the 3rd floor in the special collections room. Each of the special collections at HSL are in this room, and you can check out the volumes in each collection. Visit the special collections website for more information about the different special collections at HSL: https://www.hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/special-collections.