Colorado Open Scholarship Series

Heather Joseph and Nicole Allen of SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) will be talking about all things related to open scholarship April 10-14th. The Health Sciences Library will be live-streaming some of their talks in TL-3 (Teaching Lab 3). Come and learn about open data, open access publishing, open educational resources and more! Times, dates and topics:


April is National Stress Awareness Month! (And HSL is going to help you get through it)

In addition to the many other health observances coming up in April, we are also at the beginning of National Stress Awareness Month. National observance or not, we know that stress levels are rising all across campus as finals loom large.

The Health Sciences Library would like to help you make April 2017 a productive, happy, and fun month despite the workload you may be experiencing. Throughout the month, we will be posting on our social media channels about stress-management strategies, information, resources, and fun study break ideas among other things.

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For our first installment of Stress-Reduction tips, we want to show you some of the best study-spots in the library – according to research. This article (you will need to be signed into Off-Campus access to view the full version) discusses a study of college students in which attention and study spot selections were interrogated. The findings suggest that views of nature, especially of unobstructed nature, were highly restorative.

We don’t have any completely unobstructed views since there are so many fabulous things going on in so many large buildings around campus, but we have some beautiful views nonetheless. Take a peek at these spots that you may not have thought to study in before!


Sit in the armchairs facing the window in the Special Collections room – usually very quiet, and no eating is allowed so there will be no one crunching potato chips from the next desk! Right now there’s a gorgeous view of the very tops of those flowering trees.


Perhaps the most striking room to study in is the Tower Room, which is available for studying when an event isn’t being hosted there. There’s a large circular table for lots of friends/study buddies and beautiful views of the big trees in the courtyard.



The 2nd Floor study rooms on the west side have lovely views of the courtyard and its many resident squirrels.


Works Cited:
Felsten, Gary. “Where to Take a Study Break on the College Campus: An Attention Restoration Theory Perspective.” Journal of Environmental Psychology 29.1 (2009): 160-67. Science Direct. Web. 1 Apr. 2017.




What are your 3 library wishes?

Library Wishes Genie LampIf the Library Genie granted you three library wishes, what would they be?  Now you have the opportunity to let us know!

Submit your three wishes to the library genie today!  Your wishes will be anonymous, but if you’d be willing to talk more with us about your wishes you can include your name and e-mail address.

  • Are there resources or services you’d like to see the library offer?
  • Has the library implemented enhancements that you’d like to see more of?
  • How could the library better assist you with your research, education or clinical needs?

Presentation – Boulder County Latino History Project

latinosbouldercoThe Friends of the Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder, will be sponsoring their Spring Treasures Event.

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, at the Boulder Public Library, Canyon Theatre, Linda Arroyo-Holmstrom and Marjorie K. McIntosh will speak about the Boulder County Latino History Project and what has been learned from the research.

Light refreshments will be served at 5:30 p.m., and the presentation will begin at 6:00 p.m. This event is free and open to the public, and Marjorie McIntosh will sign copies of her book (which will be for sale at the event) immediately following his presentation.

For more information, please contact Lisa Kippur,, (303) 492-7512 and visit

Eugene Garfield (1925-2017). Innovator of citation indices and the Impact Factor

Eugene Garfield, chemist, librarian, and informationist, passed away on February 26th. Garfield invented the Science Citation Index, initially compiled in multiple massive volumes which in the digital world, evolved into the Web of Science.  The sometimes controversial Impact Factor is an innovation of Garfield’s as well, first writing about it in a 1955 Science article .

In the 1940’s, Garfield attended CU Boulder as a chemical engineering student but with the interruption of the war, he finished at Columbia University with a chemistry B.S.  He went on to work at the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins where he contributed to a project that led to the development of MeSH.

For more on Eugene Garfield’s life and career see:

New HSL Chromebooks Named After Faculty ‘Rising Stars’

We now have two Chromebooks available for checkout by students (5 days) as well as faculty and staff (4 hours). Both have been named after faculty here at CU Anschutz who have been recognized as “Rising Stars” by the Department of Medicine, Dr. José Castillo-Mancilla and Dr. Kathleen Suddarth. These distinguished faculty members, still in the beginning of their careers, have both already contributed greatly to their fields. See the full article about their recognition here.

The library has added these two Chromebooks in order to expand available options for students who wish to check out laptops. Sometimes students are looking for something lighter than the laptop they have to carry around campus for a few days, sometimes the laptop they have at home has completely crashed and they need to have a way to work on their assignments while it’s being fixed. 

Another reason students check out our laptops is to try out different models they’re thinking of buying. Mike Campbell of the library IT department is a pro at helping folks decide which laptop — of the many options on the market — is the best fit for them. AcerChromebook14-CB3-431-Gold-sku-main-e1471100473570

 Quick points about our new Chromebooks:

  • Do they have Microsoft office?
    • No, they don’t have any desktop software
  • Do they work with Proctorio?
    • Yes, they do
  • Why are they gold?
    • Because it’s pretty

Come check them out and celebrate some of CU Anschutz’s Rising Stars!


Student Staff Bio: Tori Snell


Tori is a Physical Therapy student here at CU Anschutz who will be graduating soon! She’s been working with us for over two years and has just come back from her rotation to spend time at the desk again. Tori’s hobbies include music, nutrition, and exercise. Her favoritie part of working at the Health Sciences Library is, “hanging out with the wonderful staff and participating in the consumption of free left-overs!”