New URL for Search HSL

Search HSL logoThe Search HSL discovery system URL has changed from 


Search HSL serves as the library’s catalog as well as discovery system, providing one-stop searching for journal articles, books and e-books, videos, anatomical models and more. It is also the linking system (aka OpenURL resolver) for CU Anschutz users who may be using citation databases (like Pubmed) to get to the full text of journal articles from publishers such as ScienceDirect and NEJM.

Links on the library home page to Search HSL  have already been changed, but if you have bookmarks or third party applications that may be using the old URL, be sure to get it changed. The old URL will still work for a short period of time however, starting Saturday Jan. 10 it may begin to be more difficult to use due to an expiring SSL certificate.

Library Website Outage, Fri. 12/15/17, 10:00 pm

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) website will undergo maintenance this Friday, Dec. 15, starting at 10 pm.

The HSL site URL may appear unavailable for approximately 1-2 hours (on campus) or 4-6 hours (off campus).

During the outage, access to online resources will not be affected, as long as you have valid URLs for direct resource access. Bookmark this page for a quick access list.

Ask Us reference service
Search HSL (catalog and journal list)
Access Pharmacy
Clinical Key
Cochrane Library
Ovid Medline
Up to Date

Email with questions about any other specific resources you may need in the Friday late night timeframe.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Features for Search@HSL

The HSL online catalog, Search@HSL, has two new features.

The first new feature is the addition of the BrowZine button to the navigation menu.  You can access the additional options in the navigation menu by clicking on the ellipses […]:


The BrowZine option is now added for easy use:


If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the BrowZine main webpage that includes the content available from HSL:

Browzine Webpage

BrowZine is a content aggregator that allows patrons to browse the periodical collection. Users can browse the collection by subject, view the contents of journals, connect to the full text if available, export the citation information, create a personal bookshelf of favorite journals if you create an account, and share content through social media.  BrowZine also offers an app version, where you can select the HSL library and login with your credentials to use BrowZine on your devices.

Browzine on iTunes


The second new feature to Search@HSL is the option ‘Fetch Item’ in the navigation menu has been changed to ‘Citation Linker’.

Search@HSL Citation Linker

This option in Search@HSL allows users to find citations for articles, books, and journals.

Citation Linker

Users can search for the item and Search@HSL will find the item in the catalog.  To get the citation, click on the ‘Citation’ icon under the ‘Send to’ menu of the record, and select the citation type you need.  The options are APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, and MLA.  Copy the citation and insert into a document.

Citation example

What are your 3 library wishes?

Library Wishes Genie LampIf the Library Genie granted you three library wishes, what would they be?  Now you have the opportunity to let us know!

Submit your three wishes to the library genie today!  Your wishes will be anonymous, but if you’d be willing to talk more with us about your wishes you can include your name and e-mail address.

  • Are there resources or services you’d like to see the library offer?
  • Has the library implemented enhancements that you’d like to see more of?
  • How could the library better assist you with your research, education or clinical needs?

Health Sciences Library: Web Satisfaction Survey Results


Web Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to our users for responding so enthusiastically to our survey! We surveyed users from November 11-20, 2015 and were thrilled to receive a total of 227 responses!

Q1. How happy are you with the library’s website?

  • 226 responded to Q1.
  • 78% reported being either happy or very happy with the library’s website.


Q2: How can we improve your website experience?

  • 93  wrote responses to open-ended Q2.
  • 32% of written responses noted that there was no need for improvements to the website.

Respondents suggested many improvements to the website design, navigation, search, and access. The suggestions provide many excellent opportunities for the library to continue to improve our users’ web experience. We also received many suggestions that were not related to the website. These are just a few of the many comments we received:

  • you are doing great. I use pubmed from google scholar all the time and when it stopped working got excellent help from your staff. THANKS
  • I think that you are always improving the website and keeping up with the recent developments and discoveries.Tobin Magle is amazing. Well done all! Just an  suggestion, can the library also provide access to common analysis software ? Since some bioinformatics, ensembl and NCBI classes are offered it seems to me that having access to softwares through the library will boost the use of the website/library and provide a huge service to students, staff and faculty who do not know from where to obtain these.
  • Have mini-workshops available online on how to search websites for information more efficiently
  • The biggest challenge I have is getting back to the main library screen from FindIT. If I go there at all, I pretty much have to go back to my bookmark (and log back in) to get to other library resources. I am a remote user (student). The other suggestion is more options for learning to use tools such as Endnote for those of us who can’t be on-campus! 
  • Oftentimes I feel very lost when trying to figure out if I have access to a journal, where I go to click and how I find relevant information to what I’m looking for.
  • you do a fantastic job with on-line services and responses to questions. 
  • I love having access to online articles! The more that are available the happier I will be.
  • More clarity on first page. Appreciate greater recent access made to research resource.
  • Simplify. Home page is very busy. 
  • All the links I need are right on the front page. Very easy to access! 

And LOTS more! Read the full report with all user feedback: HSL-Website-Satisfaction-Survey-Results-Nov2015

Thank you to the Web Working Group, and especially Cathalina Fontenelle, for their dedication to improving our website!

Questions, please contact Vivienne Houghton, MLIS, Web Services Librarian, at 303-724-2178 or