E-book Access Question: Sudden Loss of Full-Text

QUESTION: I was able to access an e-book recently, but now I can only get to the table of contents. What happened?

The library is participating in a PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) purchase program with some publishers, including R2 e-books. These books can be found on our e-books page and in our catalog. They are fully accessible until they have been used a certain number of times. Once that threshold has been reached, users can no longer access the full-text of the book–only the table of contents. The library then decides if it can purchase the e-book. Our goal is to make sure the library is purchasing resources that are getting used and are important to our users.

QUESTION: How can I tell if an e-book has been “triggered?”

If you mouseover (hover over) the table of contents link, a message will pop up saying this e-book is being considered for purchase (see image). If you would like to inquire about the status of a PDA e-book, or have other questions, please fill out this form: http://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/databases?q=databases/problem-report

R2 pda notice

Trial Access: Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) EBP Database


The library has a 1 month trial (ends Nov. 6th) set up for The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) EBP Database in Ovid.

JBI covers a wide range of medical, nursing, and health science specialties and includes:

– Evidence Summaries
– Evidence–Based Recommended Practices
– Best Practice Information Sheets
– Systematic Reviews
– Consumer Information Sheets
– Systematic Review Protocols
– Technical Reports

JBI screen


Questions or feedback? Please contact Yumin.Jiang@ucdenver.edu



Students on the AMC have desired 24/7 late night access for many years and now HSL delivers!

Guidelines and a handout covering details, tips and safety information is available at the library service desk and online.

Beginning Oct 13, 2014 Health Sciences Library increases access for the CU AMC University community by offering badge-ID access 24/7 after library closing times. Security enhancements to the library facility were made over the summer, and library staff have ready new closing procedures to help with the transition. The library will be closing up services and locking its doors two hours earlier on Sunday – Thursday evenings at 10pm. Friday and Saturday closing times remain the same at 6pm.

Health Sciences Library Public Access Hours, Oct 13, 2014 – June 2015.
During these posted hours library staff are on duty and our service desk is open:

Sun 10:00 am –  10:00 pm
Mon-Thurs  7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri  7:00 am –   6:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am –  6:00 pm
  • CU AMC students/employees have badge-ID access to the library 24/7
  • Have visible & be able to present University badge ID to remain past closing time
  • Library staff will check for and ask to see University badge IDs

Any person lacking the proper University campus badge ID will be directed to exit the facility immediately after closing times. Library staff will come around and do this after our service desk closes. Public and non-affiliated users are expected to exit the library at the posted closing times.

University students/staff/faculty with their AMC campus ID badge will be allowed to stay in the facility after closing time. Campus badge ID must be in your possession; no exceptions will be made. Library staff and/or University Police may ask to see badge ID any time after the library closes.

University users in the library who suspect unauthorized individuals are in the facility after closing should contact campus Police at 303-724-4444.

Emergency buttons have been installed throughout the building on all floors. They are the yellow devices on the wall labelled “In case of emergency, lift cover, push button.” A blue police emergency tent is on the wall above each yellow panic alarm. Campus police will respond when the red button is pressed.

Blue Emergency Signage     Yellow Emergency Alarm

Library materials may not be checked out/removed when the service desk is closed.Users are discouraged from leaving library materials you have checked out on the service desk after closing when library staff are gone. The library cannot guarantee that your returned items will be secure/safe sitting on the service desk. Library users should return laptops and other special/sensitive materials they have checked out in their names during regular open service hours and when staff are on service desk. There is an outside book drop near the front entrance and an interior book drop on the far end of the service desk for the return of books and journals.

Students and other University users agree to abide by the library’s Conduct policy [http://hsl.ucdenver.edu/policies/conduct] at all hours and to act in proper manners which promote an atmosphere conducive to study and research.

Contact our service desk during staffed hours and by phone at 303-724-2152 for any questions. You may also contact Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services (303-724-2152 | douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu) for further information.

Walk Stations & Wellness at the Library

Health Sciences Library is pleased to announce the arrival of two walking treadmills to provide healthy studying and lifestyle options for library users.

Our new walk stations:

  • Operate at low speeds so you can read, watch video, use your laptop, etc.
  • Come with a height-adjustable table over the treadmill for your laptop, a book, etc.
  • Are a great way to stretch your legs and take a break from extended studying and sitting.

The two walk stations will be located on the first floor of the library in our vending area. Ask for directions at our service desk anytime.

walk station event final

During the event the walk stations will be setup in the first floor lobby. Library staff and Wellness Center specialists will be available to answer questions and show you the basics. Hop on and take some steps. A limited supply of bottles of water and light snacks will be available. Can you setup your Google account on the library’s Chromebook easily on a walk station? Come try one and see!

New trial: Global Health through CAB Direct

Cab direct

We are trialing a new resource: CAB Direct Global Health Current and Archives through CABI.

About: Global Health focuses on public health research and practice. Topics include:

  • Biomedical life sciences
  • Chronic diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of disease
  • Environmental and occupational health
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics
  • Health promotion
  • Health systems
  • Infectious diseases and parasitology
  • Nutrition and food sciences
  • Public Health
  • Public Health Emergencies
  • Tropical and international health.

Global Health Archive offers over 800,000 records on public health from out-of-print journals dating back to 1910.

Check it out and tell us what you think! Email: Yumin.Jiang@ucdenver.edu
Trial ends May 15th, 2014.

MacBook Pro arrives at the service desk for check out…

MacBook Pro at library

MacBook Pro for checkout at the service desk of the library

For the first few weeks of 2012 the new MacBook Pro at the library will circulate for 4 hours, allowing throngs of mac-happy singletons to give it a whirl and share nice. Further down the road, say voices from inside the many study rooms in the info commons, HSL plans to circulate it for a slightly longer period and experiment. Along with the Macbook, a couple of Apple i-pads make up the emerging inventory of cool and nifty devices students and campus users can try out. Two dell laptops may also exist; “it’s being looked into” library insiders report; and various regulars at the library whisper that the dells are slightly outdated. Students who tend to like the quiet of the second floor and its east windows only mutter that the Dell laptops are good enough for a couple of hours of quiet work in the library with a cup of coffee courtesy of the Wolfgang Puck coffee machine on the first floor.

For details, stop at the desk and ask us anytime about any of this.  And tell us what’s on your mind as a user of the library on the AMC.

Refrigerator now available in Health Sciences Library for library users

Based on numerous requests from students, the Health Sciences Library has made a refrigerator available to library users.  This is a pilot to see if a fridge will be used, what size fridge might be needed, and if the fridge can be kept clean.

The fridge is located on the 1st floor of the Health Sciences Library in the same space as the vending machines and the microwave.  The library is not responsible for items placed in the fridge.  All items should be dated as the fridge will be emptied every Sunday.  Items with no date on them, or that are older than a week, will be thrown away.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact the Health Sciences Library at (303) 724-2152 or AskHSL@lists.ucdenver.edu.