New Database Trial Available: Natural Standard

The Health Sciences Library is offering a free trial of Natural Standard on the library’s website ( through August 31, 2010. Natural Standard offers clinical decision support for dietary supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, non-prescription drugs, functional foods, diets, complementary practices (modalities), exercises, and medical conditions with an integrative approach to healthcare. Natural Standard features:

  • Up to date information on thousands of topics
  • Foreign language articles included in literature capture
  • Comparative efficacy charts with validated & reproducible evidence grades
  • News and events- scientific research updates, products recalls, contaminants, regulatory affairs
  • Interaction checker screens international drugs, herbs, foods, supplements, nutrient depletion, labs, brand names, generics, OTCs
  • Adverse Effects, Precautions/Contraindications, Dosing/Toxicology, Products Studied, Interactions, Pregnancy/Lactation Data, Medical Conditions, Genomics/Proteomics
  • Pharmacology/Mechanism of Action, Pharmacodynamics/Kinetics, Evidence Table, Clinical Trial Analysis, 3rd Party Tested Brands
  • Symptom checker, interactive calculators, blog, audio, podcast
  • CE modules for multiple healthcare disciplines

Library to Continue Pilot of Hours Extension in Fall 2010

The Health Sciences Library will continue a pilot of extended hours in the Fall Semester 2010.   Starting August 16th the Library will remain open until midnight Sundays through Thursdays through December 16th.

Over the years, the Health Sciences Library has received numerous requests from students for longer hours of operation.  In November 2009, the Library extended hours of operation to 1 am Sundays through Thursdays in a trial to determine whether the extension was sustainable.  After an assessment in April 2010 of usage during the trial, and with the advice of student representatives serving on the AMC’s Academic Support Advisory Committee, the Library’s leadership decided to extend the trial into Fall Semester 2010 but to cut back by one hour and close at midnight.

During the trial, Library staff conducted an hourly census of users in the building, beginning at 11 pm through to closing at 1 am.   The following table details those findings:

Hour Block

Average # Customers, Fall ‘09 Average # Customers, Spring ‘10
11 pm – 12 m 18 13
12 m – 1 am 9 6

During Fall Semester’s examination period, the average number increased by one for both hour blocks.  Library staff are interested in obtaining additional feedback from our student users about extended hours, and will be conducting “mini-surveys” this Fall to add to the census data.

For more information about the extended hours pilot, please contact Douglas Stehle, Head of Access [, 303-724-2139] or Jerry Perry, Director [, 303-724-2133].

For current library hours and the most up to date information, see our website at