Lounging is the New Cool: 24/7 Badge-Access Lounge at HSL Opens.

A new space is open at the library and all eyes are watching to see how campus students will make use of it. Come visit and Tell Us what you think @ https://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/tell-us. Located just outside the front doors of HSL.

The Lounge at HSL is not quite your average café or a quiet study area but something new, different, and in between from Health Sciences Library. The space had sat dormant for years, and the time came to step up and change the situation for the better.

More of a relaxing place to take a break than a library area, the Lounge is a great nook to get a snack, or get your laptop, or talk on your phone. You can study in style with lots of natural light and great views of the trees outside. There will be more noise and some laughter as people pass through and chew on their snacks, but the bright environment will not fail to put you in a better mood.

The Lounge at HSL officially opened on Tuesday Sept 5. It is located just outside the front entrance of the library. Two doors on each end are badge controlled, and the lounge is intended for Anschutz campus ID-carrying users.

The Lounge at HSL is accessible 24/7, day and night. A large fridge is provided for students to store their lunches and other foods–the area is more secure due to the badge controlled entrances and the typical honor code prevails not to touch other peoples lunches stored in the refrigerator. Students already heavily use the three public fridges on each floor inside the library so this expands options. The Lounge provides two roomy microwaves, an upscale Keurig coffee machine, and a variety of vending machines which vend coffee pods. The Keurig will make hot water for tea if coffee is not your bag, and the fabulous slate stainless steel fridge dispenses cool water and ice if you prefer cold over hot on those Colorado sunny days.

If trash cans being full are any evidence of use so far, students are cooking their meals and using vending quite a bit in the Lounge already. One of the vending machines is unique and different from vending inside the library and it offers larger snacks and meals to heat up.

The Lounge is for use by students, staff and faculty and others on the Anschutz campus who have and carry their AMC ID badge. The library does not issue ID badges — possession of an Anschutz ID badge depends on your role/identity with the Schools/Colleges/departments on campus. Signage in the space spells out contact information and appropriate conduct.

Ideas, questions or concerns can be reported to the library service desk or by contacting the Head of Access Services at the library — contact information below.

Wireless connectivity in the Lounge is sound, and more electrical outlets were installed to offer USB charging outlets for all your devices. The Lounge at HSL is not a quiet environment nor intended to be so. It can be a fun gathering place and cool spot to work on your laptop, collaborate and chat, and even study if you don’t mind the buzz of other people coming and going and snacking and cooking.

Stop by, card in, relax and have a snack. Bring a friend to chat with and chill out. Lounging is the new cool at Health Sciences Library. Come give it a try and enjoy!

Questions about the Lounge: please contact Douglas Stehle, Health Sciences Library, douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu or 303.724.2139.

Comments can also be reported to the library’s service desk inside during library’s operational public hours.

New article linker enhancement: Sidebar Helper

Tell us what you think about the new article linker enhancement: Sidebar Helper frame. Sidebar Helper will help you connect to full text and stay connected to library services in the places where you are doing research, such as journal websites and PubMed.
We are testing Sidebar Helper from August 11th, 2015 to August 21st, 2015. We appreciate your feedback!

To see Sidebar Helper in action, go to the library’s home page and do a search in PubMed, Google Scholar, or other journal sites where you are used to seeing the Article Linker button.

sidebar sample


AccessPharmacy time-out problem

Have you ever been “kicked out” of AccessPharmacy or AccessAnesthesiology after being on the same page for a while? Sometimes during a session users are kicked out and can’t get past the log-in page to access full-text content. There seems to be some kind of time-out occurring. You can try the following if you encounter this problem:

  1. Try to access another database, such as Academic Search Premier, etc. from the library’s web page: http://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/databases
  2. Try again with AccessPharmacy.
  3. Try clearing your cache or browsing history.
  4. Repeat if you encounter the log in page again.

We value your feedback regarding access problems and your suggestions for access improvement. Please let us know how we can improve access to this or any other resource: http://hslibrary.ucdenver.libanswers.com/index.php 

E-books in these databases include:

dipi9 good12 harr butt5 long2

Library Genie Grants Wish!

In July 2013 the Health Sciences Library asked our users to provide us with three wishes they would request. As a result of 352 submitted wishes we found that many of our users desired additional microwave and refrigerator areas throughout the library. The library genie delivered!

Microwave area located by the private study rooms.

Microwave area located by the private study rooms on the 2nd Floor.

Microwave area located at the north end of the building right next to the elevator on the 3rd floor.

Microwave area located at the north end of the building right next to the elevator on the 3rd floor.


There is now a microwave and small refrigerator located on the north end of the library on the 3rd Floor next to the elevator and on the 2nd Floor next to the private study rooms. We’ve noticed a great deal of usage in these two areas and are happy to be able to fulfill such a widespread library wish! Enjoy!

MacBook Pro arrives at the service desk for check out…

MacBook Pro at library

MacBook Pro for checkout at the service desk of the library

For the first few weeks of 2012 the new MacBook Pro at the library will circulate for 4 hours, allowing throngs of mac-happy singletons to give it a whirl and share nice. Further down the road, say voices from inside the many study rooms in the info commons, HSL plans to circulate it for a slightly longer period and experiment. Along with the Macbook, a couple of Apple i-pads make up the emerging inventory of cool and nifty devices students and campus users can try out. Two dell laptops may also exist; “it’s being looked into” library insiders report; and various regulars at the library whisper that the dells are slightly outdated. Students who tend to like the quiet of the second floor and its east windows only mutter that the Dell laptops are good enough for a couple of hours of quiet work in the library with a cup of coffee courtesy of the Wolfgang Puck coffee machine on the first floor.

For details, stop at the desk and ask us anytime about any of this.  And tell us what’s on your mind as a user of the library on the AMC.

Longer pilot library hours at HSL made permanent!

After a year of experimenting and assessing hours, the Health Sciences Library recently decided to make 12 midnight the closing time Sundays thru Thursdays. This increase to 101 hours/week will become standard library hours starting in January 2011. These hours will be offered throughout the year regularly, including the summer, and only be interrupted by University and State holidays along with light reductions late in December and around holiday times. This change represents a 15% increase in hours from when HSL first moved to the AMC from the 9th and Colorado campus.

The library will continue to assess student comments and needs around hours alongside its budget and the appropriate allocation of student fee revenue. Regular hours for 2011 with some exceptions will be as follows:

Mon – Thu 7:00 am – 12:00 Midnight
Fri 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sun 10:00 am – 12:00 Midnight

Questions can be directed to the Head of Access Services, Douglas Stehle, douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu, 303-724-2139.

Library Hours Expand for Fall 2010 @ HSL

The library’s hours expand as ’10 fall term picks up.  On Aug 16, HSL began staying open to midnight offering information commons services and spaces for study, group collaboration, wireless access and support to laptops with many LCD equipped rooms. Additional vending was installed over the summer in anticipation of students needing to study late. Library hours for the fall term are online now.

AMC student users are encouraged to offer feedback about library hours anytime by speaking with one of our customer service staff. Tell us what days of the week are most popular for your habits, hours of the day you are usually in the library, what floors do you use, how frequently – – do you use and enter/leave the library multiple times per day, what late night hours past 10pm do you make use of at HSL and for what purposes? What spaces and floors do you prefer to work in at HSL? HSL wants to know, tell us!

Visit our first floor customer service desk anytime for assistance, help with finding articles and information, for consultation on your research questions or just to say hello and tell us what you think. Tell Us, we want to hear from you.

For more information and input about library hours, contact douglas stehle, librarian, access services division — email or call: 303-724-2139 (messages will be listened to).

Vending Improves at the Health Sciences Library

After many comments and survey results from fall 2009, HSL recently upgraded options in the facility for food and drink in the library. A new snack machine and a small microwave have been installed on the first floor and our Pepsi machine has been relocated to the same space, room 1000F of the Information Commons. The additional vending and microwave should please the many students studying late and on weekends.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HSL allows food and drink within reason. We ask users to take care and cover their cups with lids, bottles with caps and to always keep beverages and food safely away from computers and other technology. Library staff appreciate users cleaning up after themselves as do our custodial staff – – help keep your library clean! Mustard and Cheetos stains on the pages of books and journals are not appreciated by any researcher, so please wash up first and always use clean hands when handling the print collections.
Comments and questions can be directed to Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services, 303-724-2139 or to douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu.
Suggestions are always welcome at the customer service desk and staff can provide customers with comment cards anytime.

Library to Continue Pilot of Hours Extension in Fall 2010

The Health Sciences Library will continue a pilot of extended hours in the Fall Semester 2010.   Starting August 16th the Library will remain open until midnight Sundays through Thursdays through December 16th.

Over the years, the Health Sciences Library has received numerous requests from students for longer hours of operation.  In November 2009, the Library extended hours of operation to 1 am Sundays through Thursdays in a trial to determine whether the extension was sustainable.  After an assessment in April 2010 of usage during the trial, and with the advice of student representatives serving on the AMC’s Academic Support Advisory Committee, the Library’s leadership decided to extend the trial into Fall Semester 2010 but to cut back by one hour and close at midnight.

During the trial, Library staff conducted an hourly census of users in the building, beginning at 11 pm through to closing at 1 am.   The following table details those findings:

Hour Block

Average # Customers, Fall ‘09 Average # Customers, Spring ‘10
11 pm – 12 m 18 13
12 m – 1 am 9 6

During Fall Semester’s examination period, the average number increased by one for both hour blocks.  Library staff are interested in obtaining additional feedback from our student users about extended hours, and will be conducting “mini-surveys” this Fall to add to the census data.

For more information about the extended hours pilot, please contact Douglas Stehle, Head of Access [douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu, 303-724-2139] or Jerry Perry, Director [jerry.perry@ucdenver.edu, 303-724-2133].

For current library hours and the most up to date information, see our website at http://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/about/hours.