Interview: Get to Know Lynn!

Have you seen the newest employee at HSL, Lynn Triefus?  She just started Monday, April 16, 2018, and has been training on the circulation desk.  I sat down with her and asked her some questions to get to know her better.

Jessica (interviewer): What interested you in this position here at HSL?

Lynn: One of the reason I applied was that my mom has had four types of cancer, and was treated here. I wanted to help in any small way to the future of health care. 

J: Would you like to talk about your family?

L: I am married with two kids, my husband works for the state in Human Services. He is a trainer, and he does things like employee training. We met at Lookout Mountain Youth Services facility where we both worked there 25 years ago. My kids joke that we met in juvie.

I have a son at Western State, who is a state wrestling championship, and a daughter who is a junior in high school and involved in speech and debate.

J: Do you have any hobbies and would you like to talk about your interests?

L: I am a movie quoting crazy person. I make my family crazy, I’m a movie-goer.

J: Would you like to talk about where you are from?

L:  I am from Denver, I went to George Washington high school, I’m from south-east Denver.

I went to CU for a psychology degree, and I worked at Westminster Public Library in my previous job.  I worked in ILL and worked with kids, I can make any storytime a fun storytime, and I like hanging out with kids.

I like training and meeting new people, I am excited for new challenges.  I  like to collect friends, I have friends from every part of life and from everywhere I go.  I am a social person and I like to go out with different people.


I asked Lynn to take a fun photo, and she wanted to take a photo with one of the skeletons for student use. She joked that it is her new work boyfriend, Skeletor!



Featured book for April





Stephen Jay Gould and Rosamond Wolff Purcell

….The essays and photographs collected here present art and science in conversation, rather than in opposition. As Gould writes in his preface, although the two disciplines may usually communicate in different dialects, when juxtaposed they strikingly reflect upon and enhance one another. Working together, Purcell’s photographs and Gould’s scientific musings speak to us about ourselves and our world in a hybrid language richer than either could command on its own….

Through its unique combination of works and photographs, Crossing Over prompts us to ponder not only the basis of the false dichotomy between art and science, but also the distinction of mind and nature, and of all humanly imposed categories of order. Gould and Purcell’s work convinces the reader that a provocative interplay between art and science is not only possible, but inevitable and necessary as well.

3rd floor Special Collections, Humanities
HUM Q 171 G698c 2000

Check out the record for the book here!

Group Study Room Reservations: One Minute Poll

Health Sciences Library wants your feedback on our group study room reservation setup, which currently includes six bookable rooms on the 1st & 3rd floors. During the week of April 9th, we’ll be conducting a super-short, two-question poll at about GSRR. If you’d prefer, you can drop by the library to fill out a paper copy of the form. Let us know what you think & help shape our future study room reservations system!


Keurig- not just for coffee anymore

Did you know that the library’s Keurig pod brewers can also be used as hot water dispensers? Want to make some hot soup, oatmeal, or just use your own teabags? HSL has small Keurig units (located in the kitchen areas on all three floors), and larger machines in the Study Zone & the Lounge@HSL. All units include instructions for dispensing hot water, and are easy to use; give one a try next time you’re here!



What would you choose? Help HSL pick new items for 2018!


Do you have an idea for something the library needs? Tell us about it! During the week of March 26th, we’ll be conducting a short poll at Select three items from the supplied list, or give us some suggestions of your own. If you’d prefer, you can drop by the library to fill out a paper copy of the form. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!