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Did you know that the Health Sciences Library has a unique collection of medical artifacts collection, consisting of a wide range of objects, dating from the 19th century? Besides view these artifacts in several rotating exhibits of the artifacts throughout the library, the collection is available for individual research. If you would like to search the artifact collection, visit the Library’s newest database- PastPerfect Online- All the artifacts listed in the catalog are available for anyone to look at, with an appointment.  Searching help is included on the page, or you can contact Paul Andrews at or 303-724-2113 for assistance.

Medical Lecture Ticket exhibit

Denver & Gross College of Medicine     University of Denver Lecture Course Ticket
Before the rigorous application process of formal medical education was required, anyone who could afford a few dollars could attend medical lectures, and eventually become a doctor.  The Medical Lecture Ticket exhibit showcases several lecture tickets from all over the US, including from the University of Denver’s Dental Department and the Denver and Gross Medical College.  The tickets represent an era where there was little regulation and oversight.  Although seen as democratizing education, the medical ticket system often led to abuse and poorly trained doctors.  The tickets disappeared as medical education reformers began to create the modern medical school application process and curriculum that medical school follow today.

— Paul Andrews

Medical Lectures Tickets


Linda Susak – Landscape Painter – 2nd exhibit


Horn Peak in Autumn 2016

Meet the artist and view the second exhibition on March 3rd from 3-5 pm

March 3, 2016 at the Health Sciences Library Gallery on the
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus



Facebook page: Linda Susak Landscape Painter


The Anschutz Medical campus is located on the former Fitzsimons Army Base, closed in 1999.  Fitzsimons was opened in 1918, and was named in honor of Lt. Thomas Fitzsimons, of the Army Medical Corps, who was the first US officer killed in the First World War.  The hospital was opened to care for returning soldier who suffered from respiratory disease.  The Base remained a key Army Medical Center until its closure and the iconic main hospital, known as Building 500, is still the center of the campus.  Visit the Library’s second floor exhibit space to further explore the history of Fitzsimons and view artifacts from its Army Medical Corps past.

Fitsimons 1 Fitzsimons 2 Fitzsimons 3 Fitzsimons 4 Fitzsimons 5 Fitzsimons 6

New Exhibit – Michael Keyes: Stories & Seasons in Woodcut

"Sunny Morning" woodcut print by Michael Keyes

The Health Sciences Library will be hosting an exhibit of woodcut prints by Aurora artist Michael Keyes from July 1st – August 31st. Stories & Seasons in Woodcut will be on display in the 3rd floor Gallery.

Woodcut prints are a type of relief printing. The prints are created when an artist cuts a picture into a wood block, then puts ink on the block and presses it to paper.

Michael Keyes will be hosting an Opening Reception on August 7th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. Stop by during that time to meet Michael and ask him about woodcutting.

The Gallery is accessible during the library’s public access hours.

“Chasing the Cure” – Colorado Springs and Tuberculosis

Pioneer Museum 1

‘From its founding in 1871, local boosters advertised Colorado Springs as a premier health destination for the treatment of consumption and “lung troubles,” among other maladies. Our region’s greatest asset-turned-industry was its stunning scenery, abundant sunshine, and mild climate. For decades, the local Chamber of Commerce published pamphlets extolling the health benefits of the region. Distributed across the country and around the world, the advertisements encouraged invalids to breathe our “100% aseptic air” and enjoy the healing powers of our over 300 days of sunshine a year in Colorado Springs.  And they came!’

This is the description for the exhibit, Chasing the Cure, that you can now visit at the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum.   The exhibit focuses on Colorado Springs’ role in fighting tuberculosis.

The Health Sciences Library is proud to have been able to lend several of the artifacts from our collection (many from the recent donation of Dr. Robert Shikes) to the Pioneer Museum for this exhibit.  Some of the items we were able to loan include: a large Spitting on Floors and Walls Prohibited sign, a Don’t Spit on the Sidewalk paving brick, sputum cups and flasks, and several pieces of ephemera from the campaigns to stem and cure TB.

Pioneer Museum 2Pioneer Museum 3

About the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum:  Ignite Your Curiosity.  Discover Your Story.  Located in the beautifully restored 1903 El Paso County Courthouse in downtown Colorado Springs at 215 S. Tejon.  The mission of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is to build a connection to the Pikes Peak Region by preserving and sharing our culture history. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Admission to the Museum is FREE!  For more information, visit or call 719.385.5990.

–Paul Andrews