Book Review: Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku

Physics of the future: how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100
By Michio Kaku
HSL Amesse/1st Floor, 303.48 KAK

In 1899, the commissioner of the U.S. Office of Patents, Charles H. Duell, famously said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Today such a statement seems exceptionally myopic, but as citizens of 2012 know, hindsight is 20/20. The true challenge is envisioning the future with accuracy.

By interviewing hundreds of leading scientists across the disciplines of computer science, artificial intelligence, medicine, nanotechnology, physics, and even economics, Dr. Michio Kaku takes up the difficult task of synthesizing their collective works and envisioning what our global civilization may look like throughout the 21st century.

Dr. Kaku anticipates that nearly every aspect of our lives will involve computers and computer chips, woven into society in such a way that they become invisible and ubiquitous. Nanotechnology should develop to the point that our bodies will even be full of microscopic chips designed to monitor our health and alert us to potential diseases and cancers. While robots may become common place, we don’t need to fear a Matrix-like take over because scientists in the field of artificial intelligence have not been able to replicate emotional intelligence.

Energy of course will be a grave issue facing this century. Dr. Kaku examines the possibilities of magnetism, nuclear power, including fusion and fission, as well as wind and solar technologies. Developments in these areas will also benefit the future of space travel as we continue to explore our nearest planetary neighbors.

The world of 2100 is exciting and vibrant, thanks to the persistent scientific breakthroughs of this century. While Dr. Kaku’s 2100 feels a little too utopist, there is no question that science will continue to fuel and change our society in many significant ways.

-Reviewed by Brittany Heer
Library Technician II
Interlibrary Loan

“Everything Has Changed Forever, Again.” A book talk supported by the Amesse Collection at Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library will be sponsoring a book talk as part of the endowed Amesse Collection of Popular and Leisure Reading. The talk is titled, “Everything Has Changed Forever, Again” (based on the book What would Google do?), featuring speaker Martin Garnar, MLIS. Mr. Garnar, a Regis University faculty member, will address the topic of how Google is changing the way we think about almost everything. The talk will take place Friday, November 18th, 2011 from 12:00-1:00 P.M. in HSL’s Teaching Labs 1 & 2.


What Would Google Do? An Amesse Collection Book Talk

The Health Sciences Library Amesse Collection, located in the leisure hub of the Information Commons on the first floor, contains a wide selection of popular reading material, including current novels, nonfiction, & biographies, as well as popular magazines and a “Medicine in the Movies” section of DVDs. The collection provides an opportunity to take a break from your busy day. Learn more about the Amesse collection from our resource guides.

Come listen to our speaker over lunch (bring your own, and some munchies will be provided), then relax for a few minutes in one of the leisure hub’s easy chairs!

New Amesse Leisure Reading

The following titles have recently been added to the Amesse collection, located in the Library’s leisure hub area adjacent to the 1st floor north information commons.

Egan, Jennifer/ A Visit from the Goon Squad [review]
Martin, George R.R./ A Game of Thrones
Palma, Felix/ Map of Time
Patchett, Ann/ State of Wonder
Stein, Garth/ The Art of Racing in the Rain

Beer, Nicky/ The Diminishing House
Fraser, Laura/ All Over the Map
Larson, Eric/ In the Garden of Beasts
Wells, Gully/ The House in France
Youn, Anthony/ In Stitches

Amesse Memorial Collection Moves into the Information Commons at HSL

The Amesse Collection in the Health Science Library provides a leisure reading collection of novels, biographies, and nonfiction, as well as the Denver Post and a selection of popular magazines and newspapers. A small collection of movies on DVD is also part of the collection. Because of the Amesse family love of books, the reading area and collection is dedicated to three generations of Amesse family physicians. The collection has been moved to a central spot on the first floor of the library within the Information Commons.

amesse collection icon

Tradition, Reading, and Memorial: Amesse

The collection was originally established with books from John C. Amesse’s personal collection. Additional items are purchased from the Amesse Memorial Fund. The new dedicated space in the Information Commons on the 1st floor of HSL continues the tradition and resonates with the memory of John, his love of reading and the pleasures of a nook in a library. Each book in the collection bears a bookplate designed by Eleanor Benson and printed by Frederic Pannebaker, friends of the Amesse family. We hope this leisure hub provides a serene retreat from the hectic world of medicine, and, in so doing, keeps alive the memory and spirit of the Amesse family physicians. HSL proudly unveils the collection in a new location, a new space in the midst of the busy lives of our medical and health science students.

Every day hundreds of students work, study, collaborate, meet in groups, attend classes and learn in the information commons on the first floor of the library. With the Amesse collection in the heart of this fabulous first floor space, students will have opportunity to appreciate relaxation and browsing of a popular collection. Nearby in the new materials corner is an honor paperback collection — take one and go, no check out necessary. Materials from the main Amesse collection can be checked out at the service desk. The magazines of the collection do not circulate and are for in-house use only.

If you’d like to make a recommendation for the Amesse collection, please let us know. Take a break and visit the leisure hub in the Commons of HSL soon. first floor, room space 1304.

New Amesse Collection Books – Dec. 2009



Agassi, Andre/ Open: An Autobiography

Gladwell, Malcolm/ What the Dog Saw

Green, Sharon Weiner/ Barron’s GRE

Jarvis, Jeff/ What Would Google Do?

Obmascik, Mark/ Halfway to Heaven

Smith, Bud/ Creating Web Pages for Dummies