April is National Stress Awareness Month! (And HSL is going to help you get through it)

In addition to the many other health observances coming up in April, we are also at the beginning of National Stress Awareness Month. National observance or not, we know that stress levels are rising all across campus as finals loom large.

The Health Sciences Library would like to help you make April 2017 a productive, happy, and fun month despite the workload you may be experiencing. Throughout the month, we will be posting on our social media channels about stress-management strategies, information, resources, and fun study break ideas among other things.

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For our first installment of Stress-Reduction tips, we want to show you some of the best study-spots in the library – according to research. This article (you will need to be signed into Off-Campus access to view the full version) http://bit.ly/2oLFR1A discusses a study of college students in which attention and study spot selections were interrogated. The findings suggest that views of nature, especially of unobstructed nature, were highly restorative.

We don’t have any completely unobstructed views since there are so many fabulous things going on in so many large buildings around campus, but we have some beautiful views nonetheless. Take a peek at these spots that you may not have thought to study in before!


Sit in the armchairs facing the window in the Special Collections room – usually very quiet, and no eating is allowed so there will be no one crunching potato chips from the next desk! Right now there’s a gorgeous view of the very tops of those flowering trees.


Perhaps the most striking room to study in is the Tower Room, which is available for studying when an event isn’t being hosted there. There’s a large circular table for lots of friends/study buddies and beautiful views of the big trees in the courtyard.



The 2nd Floor study rooms on the west side have lovely views of the courtyard and its many resident squirrels.


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Felsten, Gary. “Where to Take a Study Break on the College Campus: An Attention Restoration Theory Perspective.” Journal of Environmental Psychology 29.1 (2009): 160-67. Science Direct. Web. 1 Apr. 2017.




New HSL Chromebooks Named After Faculty ‘Rising Stars’

We now have two Chromebooks available for checkout by students (5 days) as well as faculty and staff (4 hours). Both have been named after faculty here at CU Anschutz who have been recognized as “Rising Stars” by the Department of Medicine, Dr. José Castillo-Mancilla and Dr. Kathleen Suddarth. These distinguished faculty members, still in the beginning of their careers, have both already contributed greatly to their fields. See the full article about their recognition here.

The library has added these two Chromebooks in order to expand available options for students who wish to check out laptops. Sometimes students are looking for something lighter than the laptop they have to carry around campus for a few days, sometimes the laptop they have at home has completely crashed and they need to have a way to work on their assignments while it’s being fixed. 

Another reason students check out our laptops is to try out different models they’re thinking of buying. Mike Campbell of the library IT department is a pro at helping folks decide which laptop — of the many options on the market — is the best fit for them. AcerChromebook14-CB3-431-Gold-sku-main-e1471100473570

 Quick points about our new Chromebooks:

  • Do they have Microsoft office?
    • No, they don’t have any desktop software
  • Do they work with Proctorio?
    • Yes, they do
  • Why are they gold?
    • Because it’s pretty

Come check them out and celebrate some of CU Anschutz’s Rising Stars!


Student Staff Bio: Tori Snell


Tori is a Physical Therapy student here at CU Anschutz who will be graduating soon! She’s been working with us for over two years and has just come back from her rotation to spend time at the desk again. Tori’s hobbies include music, nutrition, and exercise. Her favoritie part of working at the Health Sciences Library is, “hanging out with the wonderful staff and participating in the consumption of free left-overs!”

Student Staff Bio: Tyler B. Matlock

Tyler_HeadshotThis week we are featuring Tyler B. Matlock, one of our most senior student workers. Tyler is in the Anatomy program here at CU Anschutz and enjoys sewing, action sports, and 3D Modeling. His favorite part of working at the library is being able to help students find the resources they need for a particular class and helping with some on the fly tutoring at the desk if students are having trouble in a particular subject.

Student Staff Bio: Katee Wensinger


Continuing the series of Student Staff Bios, we have the fabulous Katee Wensinger! Katee is brand new to the library and is learning fast. She likes to hike in the Summer, ski in the Winter, play outside with her dog Bella and explore Denver’s downtown with her boyfriend. Her favorite part of working at the Health Sciences library so far is getting to know more about the services the Health Sciences Library offers. “There are so many cool services that I never knew about, but will definitely take advantage of now.”

Art from the CU Denver Anschutz Medical Campus Community 2017

Come see this exhibit of art by members of the CU Anschutz community! On view in the library’s 3rd-floor gallery through March 31st. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the art (and artists) included. There are some great deals on art for your home or for a loved one!


Guests admiring the show at the opening reception, January 26th, 2017


While you are here we can swim in the sea, 21″x38″ & Gone with the wind, 11″x35.” Tapestry-soumak by Gina Clayton



Defiance, 20″x30.” Photography by Kelsey Weigel


Raven’s Wish, 6″x8.” Colored Pencil and ink by Barabara Sanchez


Morning over the bells, 60″x40.” Photograph on acrylic by Kyle Kenyon


New Zealand Glacier, 12″x14.” Oil on canvas by Alicia Vagts


Grape Leaves, 9″x12.” Graphite on paper by Lilian Hoffecker


Broken, 23″x35.” Acrylic, ink and pastel on yupo by SaraMarie Bottaro


Ray of Hope, Moraine Park, and Arches National Park, all 11″x14.” Photographs by Trudy Boudreau

Come see this beautiful work, and many more pieces, in person at the Health Sciences Library!


Student Staff Bio: Michelle Vien



Michelle is a Physical Therapy student here at the Anschutz Medical campus who has been with us at the library since Summer of 2016. Her hobbies include lifting weights, making her own essential oil perfumes and learning about the human body. Michelle’s favorite part of working at the library in her own words: “All the chill peeps!! Best. Work-Study. Ever.”