Medical Reference Materials

The Medical Reference Materials Page of the Online Reference Resource guide has many useful databases and web pages that you may not know about. From general topics lice biology to a section on communicable diseases, as well as sections for all of the systems of the body, there is help on this page for your medical questions. Each of the entries has a link to the resource as well as a short description of what type of information you can find in that resource.


The quick selection on the side will let you see what sections are available and quickly jump to the section you need. Some of the more useful resources on this page include

  • Lippincott’s Video Series: Nursing Procedures 2009Step by step guidance for nursing procedures that are performed in realistic clinical settings. Each video reviews key points, shows the procedures, and provides procedure modification for unexpected situations.
  • New England Journal of Medicine: Videos in Clinical MedicineA collection of instructional videos that guide clinical health care professionals through the steps, different approaches, and techniques involved in a variety of procedures. Videos are supplemented by reference materials, cited articles, and written overviews of the video.

This page is a good resource for reference and research questions, but it also contains information on grant and funding resources. If what you are looking for is specifically funding information the Online Reference Resource guide does have a page dedicated just to grants and funding as well as links to the financial aid and scholarship resource office.

Online Reference Resources

Are you working on a project and wondering what online resources the library might have that can help you? This library website is a great place for you to start your search. Each month the blog will be featuring one resource or a group of similar resources to highlight, but to start we want to give you an overview of what the Online Reference Resources page offers.

The page is divided into five reference types and a home page. Starting on the homepage you can see that it has some tutorials for some of the sights that the library most often recommend for research including PubMed and EBSCO. On the left is a collection of links to all the other research areas we have collected resources for, medical, general, topical, grants, and images and media. The medical and general topics are both organized by the NLM classification system and have resources in a variety of media types from ebooks to videos.

On the medical tab you will find resources on everything from biochemistry to the respiratory system. Including a dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology, a collection of heart sounds, and a collection of health hotlines. The general reference tab has citation information, dictionaries, and information on law among other resources. No matter what your project the online reference resources page is a good place to start.

Like always if you can’t find any resources for your project on this page, or need help finding more you can contact the library with a quick question for a librarian to answer or set up a consultation to have a longer discussion about your needs.

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