Mittens, hats, and scarves for The Mitten Tree


The Health Sciences Library has put up our annual Mitten Tree on the first floor main entrance of the library. All donations will benefit The Comitis Crisis Center.

What can I donate? We invite everyone to donate new or newly-made mittens, hats, and scarves. We also welcome towels, twin sheets, and toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.)

How do I donate? Simply bring in the items and hang them on the tree at the library.

Until when can I donate? The tree will be up through January 8, 2016.

Who will my donation benefit? After the holidays, library staff will take all of the items to the nearby Comitis Crisis Center. Comitis is a non-profit agency underneath the umbrella of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare. The shelter serves runaway/homeless children, homeless families, and homeless Veterans—with a particular focus on homeless female Veterans and their families.

Questions: For more information or questions, contact Library Administration at 303-724-2138.

Health Sciences Library: Web Satisfaction Survey Results


Web Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to our users for responding so enthusiastically to our survey! We surveyed users from November 11-20, 2015 and were thrilled to receive a total of 227 responses!

Q1. How happy are you with the library’s website?

  • 226 responded to Q1.
  • 78% reported being either happy or very happy with the library’s website.


Q2: How can we improve your website experience?

  • 93  wrote responses to open-ended Q2.
  • 32% of written responses noted that there was no need for improvements to the website.

Respondents suggested many improvements to the website design, navigation, search, and access. The suggestions provide many excellent opportunities for the library to continue to improve our users’ web experience. We also received many suggestions that were not related to the website. These are just a few of the many comments we received:

  • you are doing great. I use pubmed from google scholar all the time and when it stopped working got excellent help from your staff. THANKS
  • I think that you are always improving the website and keeping up with the recent developments and discoveries.Tobin Magle is amazing. Well done all! Just an  suggestion, can the library also provide access to common analysis software ? Since some bioinformatics, ensembl and NCBI classes are offered it seems to me that having access to softwares through the library will boost the use of the website/library and provide a huge service to students, staff and faculty who do not know from where to obtain these.
  • Have mini-workshops available online on how to search websites for information more efficiently
  • The biggest challenge I have is getting back to the main library screen from FindIT. If I go there at all, I pretty much have to go back to my bookmark (and log back in) to get to other library resources. I am a remote user (student). The other suggestion is more options for learning to use tools such as Endnote for those of us who can’t be on-campus! 
  • Oftentimes I feel very lost when trying to figure out if I have access to a journal, where I go to click and how I find relevant information to what I’m looking for.
  • you do a fantastic job with on-line services and responses to questions. 
  • I love having access to online articles! The more that are available the happier I will be.
  • More clarity on first page. Appreciate greater recent access made to research resource.
  • Simplify. Home page is very busy. 
  • All the links I need are right on the front page. Very easy to access! 

And LOTS more! Read the full report with all user feedback: HSL-Website-Satisfaction-Survey-Results-Nov2015

Thank you to the Web Working Group, and especially Cathalina Fontenelle, for their dedication to improving our website!

Questions, please contact Vivienne Houghton, MLIS, Web Services Librarian, at 303-724-2178 or


Critical need for platelets — Children’s Hospital has 3x number of Hematology/Oncology patients

The Blood Donor Center currently has about three times the number of Hematology/Oncology patients we normally see this time of year, and are transfusing a much higher volume of platelets than average. We need your help to ensure that we are able to meet patient needs!   


Platelet Drive
The Health Sciences Library is hosting a week-long platelet drive
Make an appointment today by calling (720) 777-5398

Dates:  Monday, July 20th to Friday, July 24th
Time: 6:30am – 12:15pm
Location: Children’s Hospital Colorado Blood Donor Center on 13123 E 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045 (Map)
How do I make an appointment? Call (720) 777-5398
What do I bring to my appointment? Your government-issued ID
Who do I call if I have a question? Jen Sipe, Donor Resource Coordinator, at (720) 777-1846


Why Donate Platelets at Children’s Hospital Colorado?

  • Platelets only last five days, so we always need platelet donors.
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado provided over 3,400 platelet transfusions in the last year alone.
  • Our Blood Donor Center provides 99.3% of the blood transfused at here at Children’s Hospital Colorado.
  • Having our own Blood Donor Center allows us to meet the specialized needs of children.

What is a platelet donation? Platelets are the components of your blood necessary to control bleeding. During a procedure called apheresis, we use a Trima machine to separate your blood into its individual components:  red cells, plasma & platelets. The machine can then collect just the platelets from your blood (or a combination of platelets, plasma &/or red cells) and return the rest using just one needle.

  • Platelet donations take about 2 hours.
  • We provide movies to watch, free Wi-Fi & plenty of snacks and drinks.
  • You can donate platelets every 2 weeks (up to 24 times a year).
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado has on-site child care (call for details).
  • Your donation could save or enhance up to FIVE children’s lives!

How are platelets used? Platelets are given to children with a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  • Bone marrow transplants
  • Organ transplants
  • Surgical procedures
  • Blood disorders


  • Be sure to eat a full meal an hour or two before your donation.
  • Drink plenty of water and limit caffeine intake.
  • Review the eligibility questions on our website.
  • Increase your calcium intake an hour before your donation.
  • Avoid aspirin for at least 48 hours before donating platelets. *If you have been prescribed aspirin by your doctor, please get your doctors approval before discontinuing.

Jen Sipe
Donor Resource Coordinator
Blood Donor Center | Children’s Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, Box B605  |  Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: (720) 777-1846 | Fax: (720) 777-7255  |
Connect with Children’s Hospital Colorado on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Search box on library’s website will be in header of every page

In an effort to continually improve your web experience, we’re rolling out the following new features this month:

  1. We’re moving the search box to the top right area of the header
    • The search box will be available on every page (not just the homepage)
    • We will meet users’ general expectations for the search box to be located in the top right of the page
  2. We’re adopting the new look of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus website in order to:
    • Create a more fluid user experience
    • Help promote a more consistent look and feel across university websites
    • Support CU’s larger marketing and branding initiatives

Test drive the search box today!
(link will only work on-campus)


We look forward to your comments on our new look!

For questions, please contact:
Vivienne Houghton, MLIS
Web Services Librarian

Thank you!


Blood Drive for Liam on Friday, Jan 30th!

A blood drive for Liam! 30 minutes of your time could mean a lifetime to a child


Liam was born in April 2004, more than three months before his due date. A brain hemorrhage was discovered when Liam was four days old and weighed less than one pound. His chances of survival were estimated to be 5%.

Liam was transferred to Children’s Hospital where he was given a tracheostomy, gastrostomy tube, and countless blood transfusions. Liam was finally discharged just in time to celebrate his first birthday at home with his family.

Liam remained on life support until age 3, but now at age 10 he is an active fourth grader who loves movies, board games, and geography. He lives with a chromosomal abnormality, immunodeficiency, epilepsy, and many other medical conditions, but receives regular treatments at Children’s Hospital to keep him well enough for school, adaptive sports, and all of the mischief that other little boys enjoy.

The Health Sciences Library is hosting a Children’s Hospital Colorado Mobile Blood Drive for Liam!
When: Friday, January 30th  2015 from 8:00am to 2:00pm
Where: In front of Building 500
What do I bring: Your government-issued ID

Sign up today!
There are plenty of appointments available.


  • How long does it take? The entire process only takes about 20 to 30 minutes total, from arrival, paperwork, a brief interview to the actual blood draw.
  • Am I eligible to donate? Answer these six questions to determine your eligibility.
  • What do I do before my appointment? Remember to have something to eat and hydrate beforehand.
  • What do I bring to my appointment? Bring your government issued ID.
  • Where will the blood drive be? The Bloodmobile will be parked at CU Anschutz in front of Building 500 at 13001 E 17th Pl, Aurora, CO 80045.
  • Will there be snacks? Yes, there will be snacks available after your donation 🙂
  • How can I help? We need at least 32 donors. Share this post and help us spread the word!

Your contribution makes an incredible difference for the patients and families of Children’s Hospital Colorado. Without blood, they would not be able to perform many lifesaving procedures.

Questions, please contact:
Tobin Magle, PhD (Liam’s aunt)
Biomedical Sciences Research Support Specialist
Senior Instructor
Health Sciences Library
303-724-2114  |

Library website adopts CU Anschutz color palette

The Health Sciences Library’s website has a new look! We’ve adopted the new color palette of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus website. In incorporating these new colors, we aim to:

  • Create a more fluid user experience
  • Help promote a more consistent look and feel across university websites
  • Support CU’s larger marketing and branding initiatives

We look forward to your comments on our new look!


For questions, please contact:
Vivienne Houghton, MLIS
Web Services Librarian

Thank you!


Library’s new “mega” menu

In an effort to continually improve the library’s website, we’re rolling out a a new larger and more comprehensive “mega-menu” on Monday, December 8th.

Let us know what you think!


The choices behind the new menu were based on:

  1. Data from two card sort exercises conducted by the library’s Web Working Group: Participants included 14 library staff and 16 students, staff and faculty from CU Anschutz (read the full report: CardSortReport-CombinedStaffUser-2014May)
  2. Online usability testing from November 4 to December 3, 2014

For questions, please contact:
Vivienne Houghton
Web Services Librarian

Thank you!