PubMed Filters: “CU AMC Authors” & “No Mesh Assigned”


Go to PubMed through the library’s home page, and you’ll see filters that display subsets of your search results including citations with AMC authors back to 2014, and those with no MeSH terms assigned.  Use the following URL to replace a bookmark: .


CU AMC Authors 2014-Current

Based on many terms describing the institutional memberships of AMC authors, the filter tries to capture the research output of our faculty, students and staff, and those at related institutions (National Jewish Health, Children’s Hospital, VA Medical Center, and Denver Health).  It not only demonstrates the potential research output of the AMC, but it can help reveal similar research on campus.  Note the filter retrieves citations back to 2014 not earlier.  Prior to 2014, PubMed recorded the institutional affiliations of only the first author while recently PubMed has accepted information directly from the publisher which could include the affiliations of co-authors.

No MESH Assigned

MeSH terms (Medical Subject Headings) allow users to focus their searches and find relevant hits.  PubMed is indexed by many specialists but the volume of citations that are directly uploaded by publishers is so high that many records have no associated MeSH terms, sometimes for weeks. The “No MESH Assigned” filter shows the subset of records that are not indexed including some of the most recent articles on the topic.

Filters in MyNCBI

For both filters, if you log into your MyNCBI (PubMed) account, your personalized filters will replace these AMC filters. But if you’d like, we can share the full search strategies for any of the filters and help you install them in MyNCBI.

Future Filters

If you have comments, questions, problems you’ve noticed, or suggestions for other filters, please let us know. We are currently working on ones for nursing and pediatrics.  For any of these comments, you can Leave a Comment below or contact us via AskUs.

–Lilian Hoffecker

Eugene Garfield (1925-2017). Innovator of citation indices and the Impact Factor

Eugene Garfield, chemist, librarian, and informationist, passed away on February 26th. Garfield invented the Science Citation Index, initially compiled in multiple massive volumes which in the digital world, evolved into the Web of Science.  The sometimes controversial Impact Factor is an innovation of Garfield’s as well, first writing about it in a 1955 Science article .

In the 1940’s, Garfield attended CU Boulder as a chemical engineering student but with the interruption of the war, he finished at Columbia University with a chemistry B.S.  He went on to work at the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins where he contributed to a project that led to the development of MeSH.

For more on Eugene Garfield’s life and career see:

Publishers are Requiring ORCID


Do you have an ORCID number, a researcher ID number? There’s a growing list of journals and publishers, including PLoS, Wiley, the American Chemical Society, EMBO Press and others, that require corresponding authors to have an ORCID number.  If you don’t have one yet, you can register here.

Debate on Amendment 69

Please  join the CU College of Nursing on Friday, October 7th at 1:00pm in Education 2 South Auditorium to discuss Amendment 69 with Senator Jeanne Nicholson (State of Colorado District 16) and Cody Belzley (Research & Policy Director at Coloradans for Coloradans Organization).

Amendment 69 is a constitutional amendment that could assure affordable healthcare for every Coloradan.   Here’s a description from Ballotopedia.

Moderator: Adam Atherly from CU Health Systems Management & Policy 

Speakers: Senator Jeanne Nicholson will be debating in favor of Amendment 69 while Cody Belzley will be opposing. 

For more information, see these websites:  Ballotopedia description ; Colorado Secretary of State Final Text; Pro Amendment 69 ColoradoCare ;  Opposed Coloradans for Coloradans


Celebrate Peer Review Week, September 19th – 25th, an international event bringing attention to the unique way scholars safeguard quality in their research.  Peer review is evolving with a growing number of ideas and models as alternatives to the traditional approaches.  Both commercial enterprises and not-for-profit organizations are participating in this year’s event with the theme, Recognition for Review.   The Peer Review Week 2016 website links to lots of information including articles about recognition and peer review models.

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Colorado PROFILES Now Featuring Altmetrics

The Colorado PROFILES database now includes altmetrics data (from with many faculty publications.  Altmetrics complement citation metrics and offer a view of research featured on social media, research collaboration sites, and news outlets, revealing that scholarly work reaches beyond a specialized and localized research community.  If a publication is associated with the colorful altmetric icon AltIconBigRectangle , click it and you can learn about the article’s tweets, mentions, blogging, downloads and more.

L. Hoffecker

Flu Resources


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Flu Activity Picks Up Nationwide.  CDC recommends vaccination and antiviral treatment against influenza (CDC)

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