New Books

Adaptogens in medical herbalism : elite herbs and natural compounds for mastering stress, aging, and chronic disease

Clinical research in complementary therapies : principles, problems and solutions

A doctor’s guide to alternative medicine : what works, what doesn’t, and why

The Duke encyclopedia of new medicine : conventional and alternative medicine for all ages

Ending aging : the rejuvenation breakthroughs that could reverse human aging in our lifetime

Evaluating the economics of complementary and integrative medicine

Holy water, sacred oil : the Fountain of Youth

Hyperbaric oxygen for neurological disorders

Medicinal plants of the western mountain states

Mental health for the whole child : moving young clients from disease & disorder to balance & wellness

The Oxford handbook of psychoneuroimmunology

Scattered : how attention deficit disorder originates and what you can do about it

Shadows of Chaco Canyon

Sleep : a groundbreaking guide to the mysteries, the problems, and the solutions

Spiritual medicine and natural remedies

Textbook of functional medicine

When the body says no : exploring the stress-disease connection


Featured book for April





Stephen Jay Gould and Rosamond Wolff Purcell

….The essays and photographs collected here present art and science in conversation, rather than in opposition. As Gould writes in his preface, although the two disciplines may usually communicate in different dialects, when juxtaposed they strikingly reflect upon and enhance one another. Working together, Purcell’s photographs and Gould’s scientific musings speak to us about ourselves and our world in a hybrid language richer than either could command on its own….

Through its unique combination of works and photographs, Crossing Over prompts us to ponder not only the basis of the false dichotomy between art and science, but also the distinction of mind and nature, and of all humanly imposed categories of order. Gould and Purcell’s work convinces the reader that a provocative interplay between art and science is not only possible, but inevitable and necessary as well.

3rd floor Special Collections, Humanities
HUM Q 171 G698c 2000

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Featured Book for January


Healing Herbal Teas

A complete guide to making delicious, healthful beverages

“…Want to customize your own herbal blends?  Mars, who is often applauded for her ability to bring together the wisdom of disparate healing traditions, shows you how, offering basic guidelines as well as theories from different cultures and eras.  And, as Mars explains, teas are not just for sipping!  For treating everything from wounds and rashes to sore muscles, colds and flu, and dandruff, try topical applications of tea.

If you become a true tea aficionado, you’ll want to share your passion by indulging in the high culture of tea: tea parties.  These events can be organized to welcome guests, to renew friendships, or to simply celebrate life.  Inside, you’ll find ideas for organizing tea parties, as well as Mars’ favorite recipes to serve with teas.”

3rd floor Special Collections, Indigenous
INDIG WB 438 M363h 2006