Graduating from Anschutz? Sign up for our Alumni Access program!

Attention graduates: if you will be moving on from the Anschutz Medical Campus, be sure to sign up for our Alumni Access program! Unless you continue formal employment or affiliation with a campus school or unit, you will no longer have the level of online access to the Strauss Health Science Library’s online resources that you did as a student–this is due to vendor licensing agreements.

However, signing up for Alumni Access provides you with access to a select and growing list of resources, currently including 12 JAMA titles, Annual Reviews, and SAGE databases. Online access to these resources is provided by the Anschutz Office of Alumni Relations and the Strauss Library. For an up-to-date list of the resources, and to apply for alumni access, please visit our Sponsorship of Alumni Access to Library Resources page. Questions? Contact Danielle Ostendorf, Electronic Resources Librarian.