Getting Books from Strauss Library. Try AskUs to Request and Arrange for Contactless Pickup!

Just because the Strauss Library’s service desk is closed due to COVID does not mean books are not available. We are providing contactless pickup of books for Anschutz students, faculty, and staff. You can request books and arrange for pickup easily. You will need your Anschutz campus ID in order to badge into the library and pick up items–please be aware of campus protocols for library access.  Request books over AskUs, the library’s online service point. You can chat over AskUs with library staff to identify the books in our local collection and staff will create a service ticket.

Library staff will pull the books, check them out on your library account, and prepare them for pickup for you. You will need to pick up the books during the badge-accessible hours of the library. You can identify books in the collection using our library catalog and staff can assist with searching as needed. We will verify that the titles you want are on the shelf and available. Please note that library staff are not working regularly onsite and the circulation desk is not staffed. It can take 24 to 48 hours to pull the material and prepare. We will notify you when the books are ready for pickup from behind our service desk. Please remember to bring your Anschutz campus badge.

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