FY21 Library Subscriptions Survey Report

Thanks to all of you who participated in the FY21 Library Subscriptions Survey!  Here is a summary of the survey results. 


The survey ran from November 13 through December 14, 2020.  There were 512 total responses to the survey.  Responders represented all six Schools and College, campus administration & support units, UCHealth, and others. 

Here is the distribution of survey respondents by their university status:

Primary Status Chart

Subscription Changes

The Strauss Health Sciences Library has an overall collections budget of nearly $3 million.  Less than 1% of the collection budget is spent on one-time purchases while 99% is spent on electronic annual subscriptions.  Since the majority of collection purchases are renewals, it is important for the library to continually review current subscriptions to ensure they are still meeting the needs of the campus.

Based on pricing, usage, and feedback received from this survey, the library renewed many of the subscriptions listed on the survey.  Resources that have higher cost per use and received less than 10% of responses rating them “Essential” or “Important” were examined further.  After review, the following subscriptions were cancelled in 2021:

  • Applied Biosafety
  • Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology
  • Clinical Nephrology
  • Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs
  • Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
  • Journal of Correctional Health Care
  • Nature Reviews Neurology
  • Nature Reviews Rheumatology

Please see more information about our collection budget and subscription changes here:


If you need to get articles in any of those cancelled journals, please use Strauss Library’s excellent interlibrary loan service (ILL).  The service is free to Anschutz Campus students, faculty, staff, university GME residents, and other primary users.  Turnaround for most articles is less than 48 hours, Monday through Friday.  More details can be found here:


If you have any questions or comments about Strauss Library’s collection, please contact Yumin Jiang, Head of Collection Management, at: 303-724-2137, yumin.jiang@cuanschutz.edu

This was written by Yumin, you can contact AskUs with questions.