National Coloring Book Day is August 2!

National Coloring Book Day is August 2 every year! National Coloring Book Day on August 2nd recognizes the joy children and adults alike derive from coloring in pages of designs.

If you would like some fun coloring to do at home, the library has a collection of coloring books available in Mountain Scholar:

The Color Our Collections community in Mountain Scholar has all the library’s coloring books available for open access to download for anyone to use. There are five different coloring books available, with images from the library’s rare and special collections, formatted for coloring.

Please enjoy any of the coloring books from 2016 through 2019!

In addition to the library’s coloring pages, you can download other library’s color our collections entries on this website.

Download the official #NationalColoringBookDay 2020 color page.

You can also check out the coloring pages in the National Day Calendar Classroom. Share your ideas for coloring books and post your pictures on social media using #NationalColoringBookDay to encourage others to find enjoyment in coloring.

This was written by Jessica, you can contact AskUs with questions.

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