Limited library building accessibility

October 16, 2020 Update: The Strauss Library building will be badge accessible 7 days a week from 5 am – 10 pm, only for CU Anschutz students with campus badge ID and who are given permission to be on campus. *New Rule Note: Masks Must Be Worn At All Times even when you are alone in a room or at a computer pod alone.

Other Updates: Outdated paper signs about Max Occupancy for Group study rooms will be updated next week. Please see the current occupancy rates online at LibCal. These are subject to change at any time due to COVID.  

  • Students can request access to the library building for testing or related reasons, however faculty and staff do NOT have this option at this time.
  • Students who need to access the library building must submit a request to be on campus to Dr. Jan Gascoigne, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

As the campus continues the limited return to campus work for invited employees and students, the library would like to share updated information regarding the library building.

As a reminder, almost all library resources and services remain available 24/7 from the library webpage

  • The library building is currently closed and no services are being offered on-site.
  • Anyone coming to campus must complete the required, one-time SkillSoft training “CU COVID-19 Return to Campus – CU Denver | Anschutz”. 
  • To enter any building on campus including the library, everyone must pass through a daily check-in point and receive a wristband. At the check-in point everyone will complete a health questionnaire, have their temperature taken, and receive a wristband.
  • The Lounge@HSL, just outside the library’s entrance, will be one of the daily check-in points. Please note that it will only be staffed from 7:00 am – 10:00 am and from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. If one arrives at the library outside of those time frames, please use one of the other check-in locations listed on the return to campus planning page.
    • On Saturdays and Sundays, students entering the library are required to complete the health questionnaire and need to email your temperature to student services–look for a posted sign with QR code in the lobby with the student services email address
  • Once inside the library building, everyone must wear a mask at all times, their campus ID badge, and the daily wristband, and practice social distancing at 6ft apart.
  • If desired, students can make reservations online ahead of time for one of the 50 identified group or individual study rooms. Study rooms are marked with Max Occupancy signs indicating how many students can be in the room, and masks must be worn at all times even if you are alone in the study room
  • Cleaning kits will be provided to clean workspaces at the beginning and end of work.  It is the student’s responsibility to clean their own work stations.

If you have questions about library services or resources please e-mail the library at Thank you for doing your part to help keep each other safe!