Search HSL becomes Library Search

LIBRARY SEARCH graphicThe library’s discovery system and catalog has been redesigned and rebranded as Library Search: 

Changes to the system include:

  • New links have been embedded in search results facets, (“Other Places to Search”) which can send the user’s search to Prospector, Google Scholar and WorldCat
    screenshot: other places to search facet, from Library Search

    [screenshot from Library Search, left margin Facets]

  • Similar links added zero result searches, allowing user to send search to other targets such as Prospector, Pubmed and Google Scholar

Older customizations of the system that may still be worth checking out:

  • Integration of Library Search with BrowZine for seamless journal and journal article access
  • Integration of Library Search with Altmetrics at the citation (AKA full record) level

Library Search uses Ex Libris’ Primo as the underlying system. We are looking for feedback! Please send any questions or comments to: