New Wiley UBCM eBook Collection

Pediatric dermatologic surgery

Keyvan Nouri editor; Jan Izakovic editor; Jasem Alshaiji editor; Latanya T. Benjamin editor. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell 2019

Strauss library just added the Wiley UBCM eBook collection to Search HSL. You can find all of the current eBooks titles included in the Wiley UBCM collection, over 300 eBooks!

Endovascular interventions

Jose M. Wiley editor. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2019

The UBCM (Usage Based Collection Management) collection allows us to see which of the eBooks in Wiley that you, our patrons and users, are the most interested in. With this model, Strauss library has access to the entire eBook collection for one year, until April 2020.

Cardiac mapping

Mohammad Shenasa editor; Gerhard Hindricks editor; David J. Callans editor; John M Miller (John Michael), 1954- editor; Mark E. Josephson editor. Fifth edition. Hoboken, NJ, USA : Wiley-Blackwell 2019

After one year of time, we will get a usage report of all the eBooks in the collection, showing which ones were the most used. At that point, we will permanently purchase the most used titles.

Advances in integrative dermatology

Katlein França editor; T. M Lotti (Torello M.), 1953- editor. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2019

This models gives our patrons a one year period to explore the eBook collection, and let us know which eBooks they like best!

Hendee’s physics of medical imaging

Ehsan Samei author. Donald J Peck (Donald Joseph), 1961- author; William R Hendee Fifth edition. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2019

So please check out the Wiley eBooks. You can find any of the eBooks in the collection by searching Search HSL with the keyword, Wiley UBCM.

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