Newly Updated R2 Discovery eBooks Collection

Strauss library just finished a complete overhaul of the R2 Discovery Records collection!

If you like to use eBooks, you might know that Strauss library has a collection of eBooks from R2 Digital Library (aka Rittenhouse). You can find titles that Strauss library has purchased by searching Search HSL for the keyword ‘R2 Digital Library‘.

Strauss library also has a collection of Discovery eBooks from R2 Digital Library. Titles in this collection can be found with the keyword ‘R2 Discovery Records Digital Library‘.

What are discovery eBooks? These are eBooks that Strauss library has added to its R2 PDA (patron-driven acquisition) program. This means that Strauss library patrons have three times to access each eBook, then the eBook will be locked unless it is purchased. This program allows us to see which eBooks our patrons are most interested in, so we can purchase ones that are accessed the most.

When the eBooks in the PDA program are accessed three times, our staff member who works on purchasing eBooks gets a notice, and the staff at Strauss library will consider if we will purchase the eBook.

Each of these discovery eBooks has this note: HSL access to this ebook is on a trial basis. If you are unable to access the full text, HSL may have used up the free trial. Click here to make purchase recommendation: Please send us any requests for eBooks you think should be purchased.

This was written by Jessica Gerber, you can contact or AskUs with questions.