EndNote Link Resolver URL Change

Due to the URL/domain change for Search HSL, EndNote users who have the link resolver feature configured to harvest PDF copies of articles will need to update their preferences in EndNote. EndNote installations still configured to the old URL could cease harvesting PDFs as soon as Saturday, January 12th, due to the expiration of the SSL certificate in place on the Search HSL system.

The new link resolver URL is:


To update to the new URL in EndNote, select Edit->Preferences->Find Full Text, and replace the URL in the “Find Full Path” field to the link listed above.

The Education & Reference Department is currently testing this new link to ensure that the functionality is equivalent to that provided by the old link.

Need help re-configuring your EndNote link resolver settings? Fill out the AskUs form or call AskUs at 303-724-2152 Mondays-Fridays from 9 am – 5 pm.