Ulrich Anatomical Charts on 3rd Floor

HSL recently received an unusual donation, a set of anatomical charts.  After some discussion, Paul Andrews and Debra Miller have worked to display these charts on the 3rd floor, in the hallway near the study rooms, as you walk towards the gallery.


This collection of nine American Frohse Anatomical Charts were donated to the Health Sciences Library by Dr. George Ulrich.  Before the charts were mounted, the donation was kept in the original wooden chart holder.





Dr. George Ulrich graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Biology in 1978.  He received his MD from the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine in 1985.  He spent much of his career as a Submarine and Diving medical specialist in the US Navy and worked in ophthalmology and glaucoma.







The charts were originally created by Franz Frohse at the University of Berlin in 1910.  Due to the First World War, the charts could no longer be obtained from Germany.  Max Brodel, a German anatomist trained in Leipzig, was at Johns Hopkins University at the time, and was able to edit the Frohse charts for U.S. distribution.  They were published by the A.J. Nystrom Company, based in Chicago.  The copyright date on this collection is 1918.  The charts were in constant production until 1948.



The charts have been removed from the holder, and hung individually on the third floor.



Article by Paul Andrews, Collection Development Technician.