PROBLEM with Article Linker and Multiple Browser Tabs

Many of us use Pubmed and Article Linker to connect to full text. Today we have reported a severe problem to our system vendor (which provides the Article Linker function).

When clicking the Article Linker button from Pubmed, a new browser window or tab is opened with links to full text. We find that if you then go back to your Pubmed browser tab and search again, and again click Article Linker button on a different citation, the resulting “second” Article Linker window comes up with no metadata on the article and no links to full text.

The only resolution we now know is to make sure you only have one browser tab open on that “Article Linker” web page. Close extra browser tabs as soon as you’ve either followed them to full text or don’t need them anymore. We’ll update this blog post when the issue is resolved.

Screenshot of problematic Article Linker web page below, for reference: