New eBook: Critical Care Toxicology

HSL has a new ebook, Critical Care Toxicology: Diagnosis and Management of the Critically Poisoned Patient (second edition), Editors Jeffrey Brent, Keith Burkhart, Paul Dargan, Benjamin Hatten, Bruno Megarbane, Robert Palmer, and Julian White.

Critical Care Toxicology cover

This is the first new ebook title from Springer.  Most of the new ebooks at HSL up to this point have been from R2 Rittenhouse.  There may be some differences with navigation because the ebook is from a different platform.  Look at the right column by the chapter headings in the ‘Table of contents’ tab to download each chapter as a PDF, and click on the title of the chapter to see the online text.  See more information in the right tab ‘About this book’, such as an introduction, keywords, editors, and bibliographic information.

Critical Care Toxicology

View of the beginning page for the ebook in the Springer platform.

Users can also download each chapter as a PDF while in the chapter webpage by clicking on ‘Download fulltext PDF’.

Critical Care Toxicology2

Chapter example in the Springer ebook platform.