Study Zone at HSL Opens Monday October 9


After years of vision, planning, and design and four months of on-site construction from June to September 2017, the Study Zone at Health Sciences Library is opening on Monday October 9. Badge-secured doors activate at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning and students and other Anschutz ID holders can enter the area.

This new quiet study area use to be a journal stacks space with nearly 40,000 journal volumes–most moved to the PASCAL remote storage safely on campus. Anschutz students getting into midterms will find the space inviting and perfect for focused study and work. A kitchen, a nap pod room, and various lounge seating and large bay windows inform the space and provide diversity of feel and places to study and relax. The colors are amazing across the walls, the dynamic carpet, furniture and ceilings.

The Study Zone is part of the library’s second floor quiet area and whisper quiet is the expectation in this study space. Users must have an Anschutz campus ID badge to enter and use the Study Zone at HSL.


A few loose ends in the project remain and some additional installs will occur and create some mild disruption before the year is over. The library is waiting for completion on the following items to name a few:

  • frosting of privacy film on the nap pod room (2406-K provides two nap pods)
  • aspen leaves prints are to be added to the glass doors and windows through the space
  • a few spots in the open study areas still need electrical outlets which are coming soon
  • a fabulous entrance sign, 3-dimensional wood panel with large aluminium pin lettering naming the space is a fancy last touch to be installed hopefully before the end of October

Future Study Zone Sign Outside Entrance — to be installed soon

Anschutz students, staff and faculty are welcome to badge in and use the new Study Zone starting Monday October 9.

Before Construction — stacks and 40K+ journal volumes. Jan 2017


After Construction — lights, 10 study pods, 24 study rooms, seating for 100+