Study Zone Perspective: Library Director

Health Sciences Library Director Perspective: the Study Zone at HSL

“The evolution of the Study Zone” by Melissa D. De Santis, Director of Health Sciences Library.

Sometimes projects don’t turn out the way they were envisioned.  The Health Sciences Library continually listens to users with the aim of providing services and resources that fulfill user needs.  In the summer of 2014, the Health Sciences Library was presented with a possible opportunity to remodel the library building.  Although it might seem odd to remodel a building that was only seven years old, the reality is that based on information the library had gathered from users, we believed that enhancements to the building would be very beneficial.  That summer and fall, the library worked with the Office of Institutional Planning, along with many library stakeholders, to create possible options for renovation.  Unfortunately, the funds did not materialize, and no renovations were made.

Fast forward to 2016 and those renovation options were still whirling around the thoughts of library staff.  After much discussion, the library’s leadership team decided to move forward and do a portion of the renovations discussed in 2014.  The project would be funded by reserve funds the library had earmarked for library renovation.  These funds only allowed 5,000 sq. feet to be remodeled, but the leadership team believed the user impact would be significant.



Library staff worked with Bennet Wagner Brody Architects to refine and clarify the vision for the space.  Based on previous user input, the space will be extremely student focused.  Over 90% of the users in the building are CU Anschutz students, and the space should address many of their needs including individual study spaces, kitchen amenities, napping options and natural lighting.  Library staff have been watching the construction progress and are looking forward to completion.  The space won’t be exactly like what was drafted in 2014, however we believe it will be even better.


Keep up with the renovation progress on the Study Zone blog!

The library is hosting a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the Study Zone.

  • Study Zone Ribbon Cutting Event
  • When:  Thursday, Oct 19, Noon-1 pm
  • Where:  2nd floor of HSL just outside the Study Zone entrance, north end of building
  • All Anschutz folks are welcome, especially students. We will have cupcakes
  • There will be self-guided tours of space highlighting features of the space