Denver & Tuberculosis


The library features a new exhibit in the Reading Room, including a collection of artifacts related to TB and Denver. Thomas Galbreath, in his book Chasing the Cure in Colorado (1907) believed that if all the people who had come to Denver for their health left, the city would lose 50% of its population. At the end of the 19th Century, and beginning of the 20th Century, Denver, and Colorado as a whole gained a reputation as a haven for those suffering from tuberculosis, then called consumption or the white plague.  Sanitariums spring up all over the state, many in the Denver metro area.  Along with the sanitarium movement, several products, some helpful and many scams, flooded the market to increase public health and education.  Visit the Health Science Library’s Reading Room to view several of artifacts the Library has in it’s collection that are connected to the fight against tuberculosis.


–Paul Andrews