Behind the Scenes: Staff Holiday Potluck Fun

We know how to party at the library. Most librarians are actually pretty great at partying we’ve found…Here’s a peek into what we were up to at our annual staff holiday potluck.


You may notice that we were enjoying a virtual Yule Log- the perfect touch to add some festive flair! Librarian and crafter extraordinaire John Jones also made charming snowpeople and paper trees for us as table decorations.

There were lots of tasty treats and dishes brought in by the staff, including homemade tamales by Stefanie Ortiz and an incredible shrimp dip. There was also fried chicken made by Stop & Shop, hummus, a very impressive salsa via David Martinez, a ham, a big crockpot of sausage and peppers and plenty of chips among other delicious things.

After we had all had a bite to eat and were loudly chatting with each other, there was a holiday raffle. We had each filled out 1 (ONE) ticket each with our names and left it in a basket on a table with the prizes. Many things were coveted. Thinh Le from IT was especially excited about a certain fuzzy blanket that he actually ended up going home with (see group photo above, where he is sitting with it contentedly). Here’s a picture of some a table that was particularly blessed with raffle luck (and an adorable nephew):


After the much more serious and all-around lovely raffle came the riotous White Elephant Gift Exchange. I am told there is a tradition of humor that definitely had a strong showing this year. Please note the “Kilty Pleasures” calendar at the bottom of the picture and the correlating expressions of the lovely library staff members…

As is clear, it was an absolute blast and a great way to build more rapport with team members in the library. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with co-workers in different departments whose offices are on different floors and this was an extremely enjoyable way of making up for that.

Many thanks to the library’s Stress Buster’s committee for organizing! Happy New Year to everyone from the Health Sciences Library Staff

Happy New Year to everyone from the Health Sciences Library Staff  🎉