Where to Find Coffee When You’re at the Library


It’s finals time, and we’ve been getting plenty of requests up at the desk for where to acquire some caffeine. A very good option if you’re in the library is visiting the coffee machine on the first floor just behind the stairs in the South of the building.

Available all day and all night, it has a number of coffee drinks on its automated menu, including lattes, cappuccinos, mocha lattes, hot chocolate and just plain drip coffee that can be customized with strength, milk, and sugar levels. The coffee machine is also incredibly well priced, at $1.20 for a vanilla latte (my recommendation).

The next option requires a bit of prior planning, but if you know that you’ll be in the library all day -or all night, since we have 24/7 access for CU Affiliates- bring K-Cups for one of our three Keurig machines. There’s one on every floor next to the microwaves. Gevalia has great mocha latte K-Cups that work out to being about $1 per brew. King Soopers always has them.

If the need for coffee is felt during regular university business hours and the prospect of a walk sounds nice, coffee options can also be found in Building 500 at the food court until 4pm, at Intermissions Café on the first floor of ED 2 North until 4pm, or Etai’s in Research 2 until 3pm.

There are also vending machines on the first floor of the library all the way at the North end of the building (closest to Montview) that have various caffeinated soda options as well as a variety of snacks. They accept credit cards as well as cash.

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