Debate on Amendment 69

Please  join the CU College of Nursing on Friday, October 7th at 1:00pm in Education 2 South Auditorium to discuss Amendment 69 with Senator Jeanne Nicholson (State of Colorado District 16) and Cody Belzley (Research & Policy Director at Coloradans for Coloradans Organization).

Amendment 69 is a constitutional amendment that could assure affordable healthcare for every Coloradan.   Here’s a description from Ballotopedia.

Moderator: Adam Atherly from CU Health Systems Management & Policy 

Speakers: Senator Jeanne Nicholson will be debating in favor of Amendment 69 while Cody Belzley will be opposing. 

For more information, see these websites:  Ballotopedia description ; Colorado Secretary of State Final Text; Pro Amendment 69 ColoradoCare ;  Opposed Coloradans for Coloradans