Copyright & Fair Use: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Copyright and Fair Use laws can be difficult to navigate. Come and explore these concepts with us! We’ll be hosting seminars on the topic over the next few months.

In each class, we’ll review some typical scenarios that educators and researchers might encounter and talk about how you can determine if your use of the material falls under Fair Use. We’ll look at situations like:

  • Sharing copies of articles for journal clubs or institutional review with non-affiliated participants
  • Uploading vs. linking of journal articles in Canvas for classes
  • Researchers reusing the Methods section from one to the next article
  • Uploading book chapters into class management systems
  • Any copyright or fair use situations you may have encountered in your work

We’ll work together to determine the differences between Copyright and Fair Use, recognize what constitutes Educational Use, learn to identify situations that may violate Copyright, and understand how to conduct a quick and easy Fair Use evaluation.

How do you make a good faith effort to consider copyright, fair use, and your liability? Come join us, and let’s make Copyright and Fair Use easy.

Seminar will be offered on the following days (click the link to register!):
Thursday, March 17, 12-1pm
Thursday, April 7, 12-1pm

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Hope to see you there!