NCBI cracks 200 annotated eukaryotic genomes

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is the central repository for molecular data in the US. They don’t generate their own data: all of the sequences in their databases is submitted by external sources such as research labs, genomic sequencing consortia, and through the INSDC.

They do, however, provide an interface to access these data and create tools to analyze the data, which includes annotation a select set of genomes. Because NIH is primarily devoted to human health, they prioritize on eukaryotic genomes, especially mammals.

The NCBI has annotated over 200 eukaryotic genomes so far. Do you want to see your favorite organism annotated by NCBI? They take requests through their Help Desk.

  • Tobin Magle, PhD- Biomedical Sciences Research Support Specialist.