NCBI is innovating: give them your feedback

NCBI is currently going through a period of innovation. To facilitate testing new features, they have created PubMed Labs. They are releasing new features in PubMed and the NCBI databases and soliciting feedback before they become permanent features. Two new features are currently available:

  1. PubMed Also-Viewed: Much like the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature on Amazon, this new feature uses anonymous user data to identify publications that are viewed together by the same user. You can find this under the Related Information section on the right of an article results page.
  2. SmartBLAST: This feature automatically sorts BLAST results based on sequence quality and creates a multiple sequence alignment of the 5 closest hits. This information is also displayed in a phylogenetic tree. You can find this feature  at

You can provide feedback to NCBI by commenting on the blog posts for these features.

Keep an eye on the NCBI blog for more new features in the PubMed Labs category.

– Tobin Magle, Biomedical Sciences Research Support Specialist