New Staff at HSL – Kristen Desanto


Kristen Desanto grew up in New Orleans. She earned her MSLS (Master of Science in Library Science) at the University of North Texas in 2009 from a mostly online program. With family in the Longhorn State, she stayed in the region for 20 years. As a registered dietitian, Kristen had previously spent 10 years administering and overseeing enteral nutrition. This work sparked her love of health care, and gave her insight into the difficulties faced by clinicians and their need for evidence-based medical knowledge. That drove her to make the career change into library science. Just after obtaining her degree, she went to work at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, doing consumer assistance. Four years ago, she made the move to Colorado’s own Children’s Hospital. Here at the Health Sciences Library, Kristen is the new Clinical Librarian, a position created with the intent to reach out to the residents and other clinical staff at the hospital and discover how the library can best serve their needs. She’s excited to be a bit more on the front-line of patient care, doing hospital rounds with the physicians and directly interacting with the recipients of her knowledge and research.

In her spare time, Kristen and her husband enjoy camping, hiking, bird watching, and other outdoor activities. In addition to enjoying the Colorado mountains, their current travel destination of choice is Utah. When indoors, she bakes and reads historical fiction.

Welcome, Kristen, to the Health Sciences Library!