Ask Us: Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the Health Sciences Library Ask Us service? Now is your chance to find out. Here is one staff member’s perspective about the service.

Ask Us is our answer to Ask a Librarian.  It is possible to ask questions via email, chat, and SMS.  You can also set up appointments through this service.

In March of this year I was trained and during April I began taking on my own Ask Us shifts.  In these shifts I have often encountered questions that I have no idea of the answer to as well as questions that I can answer off of the top of my head.  Seeing and answering the questions that are asked through this service have given me a much better understanding of the type of information we provide for users.

Many of the questions that I have gotten during my shifts have required simple answers.  The most frequent questions I have received have been about accessing articles and patrons accounts.  Helping people access even the smallest amount of information is fun for me.  I really enjoy my Ask Us shifts.

– Deirdre Adams-Buckley, Library Technician II, Access Services

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