Lifehacker suggests “Reading Fiction Can Help You Live a Better Life”

At the Health Sciences Library we strive to help you be a better clinician, researcher, staff member, or student by offering useful resources, free consultations with librarians (use that Ask Us button that sits to the right side of every Library webpage), great study spaces and resources, and even walk stations (so you can get a bit of exercise while you work).   We even granted your wish for 24/7 access to the Library!

But did you know that the library offers fiction and non-fiction general books and a Medical Humanities collection?  LifehackerLifeHacker, an online how to and efficiency guide, proposes that reading fiction can help you become more empathetic, understand the inevitability of change, stimulate curiosity, and improve your ability to communicate.

You’ll find books to help you take a break from life, work, and study, while improving your life:

1.  In our fiction and n0n-fiction general leisure reading collection on the Library’s first floor east alcove

2. In our Drs. Henry & Janet Claman Medical Humanities collection in the Library’s third floor Carl and Kay Bartecchi Special Collections room.

3. From another library in the Prospector library network.  Books, cds, dvds, and other materials are available from a wide variety of public and academic libraries throughout Colorado.  Materials are delivered for free to the Health Sciences Library for pickup. Simply search Prospector for and request any item marked “available” for loan.  Plan ahead, since it can typically take 5-8 days for delivery of items.

We make it easy to take a break with a good read!


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]