Walking off the stress: 46,000 calories burned on the walk stations

walk station
Since their installation this past September, the walk stations in the Health Sciences Library have proved to be immensely popular. Statistics reveal that 864 miles have been logged on the walk stations so far; that’s 46,000 calories and nearly 1,400 kilometers!

If you haven’t checked out the new walk stations, come by the Health Sciences Library and give them a whirl. The walk stations operate at low speeds allowing you to read, write, and use your laptop safely. The treadmills also come equipped with height-adjustable tables, offering the perfect spot for your laptop or a book.

The walk stations are a great way to stretch your legs and take a break from extended sitting. Walking improves balance, helps keep illness at bay, boosts endorphins, and reduces stress. Come try them out today and help log more miles, while also helping yourself.

The walk stations can be found on the 1st floor of the library. Stop by the Service Desk for more info!

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