FYI: Demonstrate your scholarly impact!

One of the many challenges faced by scholars is to demonstrate their value and impact within their field of expertise and study. In addition, institutions look for ways to measure the intellectual output of their researchers as part of their overall performance evaluation process. This information can also help an organization’s leadership with making critical decisions in which research areas to support or build and contribute insights to strategic planning. Alternatively, identifying high impact research papers can help single out key players in a specific discipline and create possible networking opportunities for those breaking into the field.

The “Impact Metrics Road Map” was developed by the Medical Library Association‘s Scholarly Communication Committee to showcase key websites that deal with a variety of available measurement tools or point the reader to interesting initiatives. This map serves as a starting place for those with a recent interest in this area and may also be of interest to scholars who want to find additional resources. Traditional approaches/tools to measuring research impact are listed as well as AltMetrics (Attention Metrics), which are quickly developing due to the popularity of social media and the ever expanding digital environment.

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]