Beam me up! eBeams available for checkout at the Service Desk

ebeam 1

Are you tired of trying to decipher grainy cell phone photos of your whiteboard sessions? If so, stop by the Service Desk at the Health Sciences Library and check out a set of eBeams!

How does it work?

eBeams transform content written on whiteboards into digital files that can be saved, shared, and retrieved.

Record it!

eBeams allow you to use the whiteboards as normal, but record and save your work on your computer. As you change the content on the whiteboard, the digital file of your whiteboard sessions changes, too.

ebeam 2

Stream it!

Using the secure eBeam server, eBeam technology allows you to broadcast your whiteboard session in real-time! Fellow students and colleagues can follow along and even save the session on their own computer.

Distribute it!

After recording and saving your whiteboard sessions, you can edit, reference, reuse, or forward them to fellow students and colleagues.

eBeams are just one of the many cool tech devices that the library offers. Stop by the Service Desk for more info!

star-trek-fans-beamed-up-by-augmented-reality-app-0-300x204Note: Contrary to popular belief, eBeams do not use the same technology as the transporter on Star Trek.

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  1. this sounds great.
    echoing Paul’s question about the ebeam model and need for projector. I understand the need for one if a teacher is projecting content but what about for students who are just creating content on the whiteboard and want to capture it?

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