GSRR survey- thanks to everyone who participated!

A survey to determine HSL/AMC affiliate suggestions for possible future amenities and current attitudes about the library’s group study room reservation (GSRR) service was conducted from Sunday, Sept. 14- Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014. Here are the results:

Question #1: Affiliation

Of 107 completed surveys, a large majority (44.6%) came from School of Medicine affiliates. School of Pharmacy had the next largest group of respondents, with 24.8%, followed by Colorado School of Public Health (15.8%), College of Nursing (9,9%), and School of Dental Medicine (5.0%).

Question #2: Rate the ease of booking a study room

The largest cohort responding to this question had never booked a study room (50%). Of the remainder of those answering, 29.8% rated ease of booking a room as “Very easy”, with the choices of “Somewhat easy” (14.4%) and “Somewhat difficult” (5.8%) coming in a distant third and fourth place. No respondents selected “Very difficult”.

Question #3: What types of amenities could we add to our GSRR rooms to make them better?

The top two suggestions for this question were whiteboard markers and extra outlets, especially those connected to the study room tables, rather than the wall. Other responses included locker facilities (either in study rooms or in the library in general), better climate control in the rooms, 24-hour access (coming October 13th!), and longer room rental periods. (60% response rate)

Question #4: What features do you like about GSRR rooms and the reservation system?

The most popular responses included: whiteboards; quiet; large size of rooms; feeling of spaciousness due to windows/ glass walls; ability to reserve for groups. (39% response rate)

Question #5: What don’t you like about GSRR rooms and the reservation system?

The most frequent answers included: not enough reservable rooms; inability to reserve for more than two hours at a time; not enough outlets. (33% response rate)

Question #6: What’s the most effective way for you to receive news/updates about GSRR?

A clear majority of participants, 55%, preferred to be contacted via campus email listservs. Social media was the next most popular choice with 23%, followed by HSL’s home page (20%), word of mouth (18%,), and print ads/flyers (13%). (Respondents were allowed to select more than one communication method, so the total on this question exceeds 100%.)