e-Books Basics

While we have featured our newest e-books in a number of previous blog posts and newsletters, perhaps it’s time for a basic rundown on the Health Sciences Library’s e-resources.  The first thing to know is that we have a lot of them.

WHAT: Electronic resources are textbooks available online, some through publishers, other through databases like Stat!Ref.  A small number of e-books are limited to on-campus access only (no proxy login allowed); others are limited to a certain number of users at one time (usually 5, but sometimes only 1).  These limitations are included below the title on the list, so it shouldn’t be an unpleasant surprise.

HOW: There are two ways to find out if your textbooks are available in electronic format:  Start on our homepage: http://www.hsl.ucdenver.edu.  1) In the left-hand column under the heading “Library”, nearly at the bottom of the page, you can select “E-Books”.  2) Or you can hover over “Find” in the black-and-white toolbar, and from the drop-down menu, select “Find an E-Book”.  Once on our E-Books page, you’re given sorting options, including to sort by title or author (alphabetically), as well as to peruse new & trial items.  In the right-hand column are alphabetical subject-headings that can also be used to find appropriate results.

WHEN: Keep your eye on our “New & Trial” page; check back regularly!

WHY: It is you who determine whether or not we keep a permanent subscription to a resource — if the trial doesn’t get used, we drop it, so please make sure that valuable resources are kept available by keeping up the usage statistics!

WHO: If you have any questions about electronic resources, contact Heidi Zuniga (http://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/directory/hzuniga).


[Amanda Langdon]