Register Now! Ensembl Genome Browser Training – Thursday October 23, 8-5pm

ensemblThe Health Sciences Library is pleased to present Ensembl Genome Browser Training with Emily Perry, PhD, a member of the EBI’s Vertebrate Genomics Team. This is a special class and will be offered this one time only.  Register today, because space is limited.  REGISTER NOW!  

 The workshop will be held Thursday, October 23, 2014, 8am to 5pm, Teaching Labs 1 and 2, Health Sciences Library, Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado 

The Ensembl project provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of, mainly vertebrate, genome sequences. This one-day workshop offers participants the possibility of gaining lots of hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser but also provides necessary background information. The workshop is primarily targeted at wetlab researchers. Graduate students, PRAs, post-docs, and faculty are all encouraged to attend.

The workshop consists of the following modules. Most modules consist of a presentation and demo, followed by ample opportunity to do exercises and ask questions.
·         Guide to regional, gene and transcript views in Ensembl
·         Data retrieval with BioMart retrieving complex / large datasets using the data retrieval tool BioMart

Depending on your interests we may also cover:
·         Regulation: “best guess” set of regulatory elements, segmentation tracks
·         Variation: sequence variants, structural variants
·         Comparative genomics: gene trees and homologues, whole genome alignments
Once registered you will receive a confirmation message that will ask you to fill out a survey so that Dr. Perry can design training that meets our campus preferences.

Participants are encouraged to bring problems/questions about their research to try to tackle these during the workshop using Ensembl.  REGISTER AT:  [URL will go here]

Note: Most examples and exercises in the workshop will be focused on human as this is by far the richest annotated species. However, most of what is taught in the workshop can be applied to other species in the Ensembl browser as well as to the species in the Ensembl Genomes browser, that contains genomes of invertebrates, protists, plants, fungi and bacteria ( only prerequisite for this workshop is general knowledge of molecular biology and genomics and a familiarity with web browsers.

Lunch is on your own. Food is allowed in the Library and microwave, refrigerator, and drink vending is available near the classroom.  Directions to other lunch options available at:

Directions to the Library can be found at:
The Teaching Labs are at the north end of the first floor of the building.


Questions?  Contact or 303-724-2121


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]