New Staff at HSL

 Tobin Magle

Tobin Magle is the Health Sciences Library’s new Biomedical Sciences Research Support Specialist. She has a PhD in microbiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her thesis work centered on the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii. If you’ve ever heard that women shouldn’t scoop cat litter during pregnancy, T. gondii is why. This parasite causes severe disease in fetuses and immunocompromised individuals. Tobin specifically studied how a specific gene, TgPL1, helps the parasite evade the host immune system and develop into a chronic cyst form in the brains of mice. Tobin also completed postdoctoral research at Loyola University Chicago studying malaria, a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. This work included validating drugs that could be used to block malaria transmission, and determining how non-coding parasite RNA facilitates the development of the transmissible form of the parasite. Tobin plans to use her research skills to assist the researchers on the Anschutz medical campus with their work and to facilitate stronger connections between the Health Sciences Library and biomedical researchers.

She grew up in Michigan, the only child of Italian and Irish immigrants. This job has given Tobin her first opportunity to live outside the Midwest. Her husband Seth has a PhD in wildlife biology, and they have two cats, Rubix and Lulu. In her free time, she enjoys such kitchen-related activities as cooking (primarily Italian food), canning, and pickling. Dancing and walking while listening to podcasts are some of her preferred ways to enjoy downtime, as are hiking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking, all made available now that she’s on the front range.

Welcome, Tobin, to HSL and to beautiful Colorado!

[Amanda Langdon]