Tracking who can access files on your Google Drive

It’s easy to lose track of who has permission to access documents and folders in your Google Drive.  If you’re like most users, you share documents with a wide variety of people – family, friends, co-workers, etc.   (Maybe your ex shouldn’t have access to the folder where you store your vacation photos anymore?)

Lifehacker offers a solution for Google Drive users. The web-based tool,  WhoHasAccess, allows you to scan all of your Google Drive and presents you with a report so you can go to Google Drive and  delete permissions that are no longer needed or to protect your privacy.

Click the “Scan My Google Drive” and grant WhoHasAccess permission to perform the scan.  (Once done, data used in the process is deleted from WhoHasAccess’ servers and permission for access to your Drive ends).  The scan can take some time and depends on the quantity of documents and permissions in your Drive.

Click on any account in the report to see what’s been shared with each individual, then click on each document to un-share.  WhoHasAccess is working on a premium version that will allow users to un-share within the report, but that feature is not yet available.







[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

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