Biostats 101 Seminar Series

Did you miss out on the great Biostats 101 Seminar Series?

The Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute is providing access to the Biostats 101 Seminar Series through a series of new videos so you can get the content you need at your own convenience!  The archived seminar videos include:

The Role of the Statistician in the Research Process, Bryan McNair, MS
Estimation and Summarizing Data, Sam MaWhinney, ScD
Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Bryan McNair, MS
t-Tests and Chi-Square Tests, Bryan McNair, MS
Power and Sample Size, Sam MaWhinney, ScD
Correlation, Sam MaWhinney, ScD
Basics of Linear Regression, Bryan McNair, MS
Basics of Logistic Regression, Sam MaWhinney, ScD
Basics of Time to Event Analysis, Bryan McNair, MS

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]