Retirement of Paul Blomquist

Paul Blomquist majored in math and chemistry at Sterling College. During his education, he was allowed to take Acting electives as well, following his other great interest. This led to theater and film acting off-and-on for 25 years, in addition to more “mundane” library work. In his early twenties, Paul took a vocational test that said he ought to be a librarian: 38 years in the field later, he knows it was just meant to be! He obtained his master’s at Emporia State University.

Paul Blomquist's Retirement

Paul spent 19 years in the Denver Public Library system, primarily downtown, though he did move from branch to branch for more varied experiences. He served in Reference, specializing in science-related resources. This allowed him to assist in Geology and Engineering lit searches. He then moved to the University of Colorado’s Medical Library (initially Denison, now Anschutz Medical Campus Library), where he’s spent the last 19 years. In the 1990s, he obtained an Accounting degree in business resources, expanding his repertoire. Between public and academic libraries, he says he prefers HSL, with more subject specialty; he finds it to be more fun and interesting.

Late this spring, Paul moved to the Capitol Hill area of central Denver, close to where he grew up. He says it’s a nice place to walk. Walking is one of his favorite past-times, especially in such incredible places as Florence, Italy and Paris, France! He sees quite a bit more leisurely strolling in his future: first around Georgetown University where his daughter is attending school, and then around Prague. Other retirement activities should include spending quality time with his family/daughters, traveling to other exotic locales, and reading, perhaps a bit of Dostoyevsky or Thomas Mann. There might even be a bit of stage work to keep things interesting!

Farewell, Paul, and we wish you well in your retirement!